The 7 Best Dog Food Container Reviews & Comparisons

As a pet owner, you have perhaps the habit of buying dog foods in large amounts. You might have chosen to stock up some of the highly-rated pet food for labradors in case of a rainy day.

However, if you cannot store them rightly, all those foods may become rancid within a few days. Though the dry foods may remain good for many days, you need to place them at proper sites. Even the best and easy homemade recipes for adult and puppy food need quality containers. You should not underestimate the convenience that these bring.

So, there’re some special containers, which have been manufactured only for keeping the pets’ foods.

Generally, these containers have airtight features and are of various designs. Some of them are movable, while others need to be placed at a definite site. Some popular and useful pets’ food containers are reviewed below to make out their importance.

1. 3-Piece Pet Food Container from IRIS


  • Fulfill all your storage requirements
  • Can be moved easily
  • Stackable container


  • The plastic material appears to be thin
  • The top or lip may open while box is turned over


To get the simplest container for storing foods, you can depend on IRIS that gives some features: 


Air-tight system – You always want your dog food to be fresh and unspoiled. Thus, when the foods are exposed for a very long time, moisture and contact with air may damage the foods. That’s why the box does not allow air to access it.

Dog proof feature – It is an important characteristic, which must be included in any container, intended for keeping dog foods. You know that dogs have a tendency to scratch or bite any item. Thus, if you like to prevent the outer surface of the container from being scratched, then this dog-proof system of the container may be preferable. It means that the dog will not able to take out the food from the container without your help. There will be no scratch spots on the box. The contents will stay safe and the box may also remain closed firmly.

Contains a significant amount of food- As there are 2 stackable boxes of different sizes, you can store much amount of dog food. Besides, two different items can be kept separately.

The structure of the container- The lids look stylish and there is locking system in them. The wheels are also fixed at the base of the container.  The locking knobs are built to provide a tough structure. Moreover, as there are hinges, the tops may be removed very easily. The lids of each of the containers include a channel, where foam substance is present to seal the box, while closed.

So, IRIS has made a high quality food container, best for keeping any pet’s food.

2. Stackable Container from Vittles Vault


  • Airtight
  • Simple to access
  • Carries food of about forty pounds


  • Cannot hold the stated amount of food easily
  • Stackable feature does not work well

All dogs are not of same size, and so their food containers are also likely to be different.

So, Vittles Vault has also made a perfect shaped box to keep the food. The look of this box is really innovative.


stackable-container-from-vittles-vaultBPA-free product – If a product is based on BPA, then there is a possibility of experiencing the release of toxins. So, the container for dog food storage has been made BPA-free item in order to remove such risks. You can easily store the foods and stay safe. Besides, such product is quite eco-friendly as it will not discharge unsafe chemicals, after disposing it at any place.

Stackable system – This feature indicates that the upper and lower sections have been made in such a way that they can be layered together. The heavier one is to be placed on its bottom.

Hard-wearing structure – The plastic, used for the product, is very tough. If you think that there are some bugs or rats, which may eat your doggie’s food, this product is best. No bug can enter the container and eat the food. Besides, the hard design also gives long-term service.

Thus, Vittles Vault has offered a handy container to let you store up dog food.

3. IRIS Premium Food Container


  • Ideal to keep foods for cats, dogs and also birds
  • Material has no BPA
  • No pest can attack


This is another product from IRIS, and has a different design with some prominent features.


iris-premium-food-containerDurable construction – The food container of IRIS has a very sturdy structure. Its casters also turn round in an effortless way. For instance, if you want to drag fifty pounds of flour package on the ground, it may seem to be very difficult for you. However, the product of the same load may be moved easily, if you are using the special container. The wheels of this container are also much strong, and they will not get broken, while you are carrying heavy loads.

Can be tightly sealed – The hinged closure is really tight fitted, and there is, of course, no chance of the air contact. Your foods will always remain in fresh condition. When you are opening the box, the lids may tilt towards the wall. Thus, its hinges do not have pressure if you are unlocking the system.

Enough space to contain foods – Unlike other products from IRIS, the system includes a single container. Thus, you can stock any particular type of dog food in the box. However, it can hold a significant quantity of foodstuff.

BPA-free – You know that many baby food containers also have this feature to keep the foods away from getting poisoned. For this reason, the containers for holding dog food are also free of BPA.

Thus, considering the above features, if you think that this IRIS product can satisfy your needs, you can buy it.

4. Van Ness Pet Food Container


  • Store more than 25 lbs of food
  • Helps in keeping food intact
  • Approved by FDA


  • May not prevent ants to access the foods
  • Not much airtight

Pureness, one of the well-known dog food container manufacturers, offers this product that has a very elegant look. Though its structure is quite simple, it has already become a useful product to the customers.


van-ness-pet-food-containerPortable system – Just as many other food containers, Pureness has made the product much portable. In other words, you may move the container easily to any place you want. For example, when it the time to give meal to your dog, you can carry it near the pet. And in other times, the box may be transported to the kitchen. It is also useful when there is heavy amount of food in your container. The system obviously reduces your stress. Besides, the handle grip, found on the product, may also give an added advantage to the product.

Holds considerable amount of food – The manufacturer states that the container may accommodate only twenty five pounds of dog food. However, many of the users have experienced that its capacity is almost fifty pounds.

Track the foods easily – If you want to see, how much food is present in the container, then you don’t need to open the container. The transparent finish allows you to have a view of it from exteriors.

Thus, you can buy this product of Pureness, when you want an affordable dog container with all the common features.

5. Lesser and Pavey Food Storage Container


  • A versatile system with a handle
  • Cream colored container with a unique look


  • Not perfect to hold foods of large species
  • Bugs may enter

This is another product, which enables you in stocking the dog’s food, and it has some features, like:


lesser-and-pavey-food-storage-containerStylish look – If you place the container on your kitchen countertop, the product may appear to be great because it has smooth cream color. Besides, its size will also fit at any place of your room, and there will be no inconvenience.

Easy to hold – You can grip the container easily because there is a good handle attached on the lid. Just clasp it and carry the box to any site, as per your need.

Material – Tin is used to make this product, and so, its structure is quite durable. The integrity and quality of any food may not be affected. In addition to it, tin is a recyclable material; thus, it will not damage the environment in any way.

Scooper added to the product – There is a scooper at the side of the product, and it is about one third of any cup. If you have a little puppy of about thirteen weeks, then this product suits best. You can keep a huge amount of small kibbles.

This is a standard container; however, the absence of a good airtight feature is the only disadvantage.

6. Dog Food Storage from Harry Barker


  • Can be carried easily
  • White look increases the style


  • Too small
  • No wheel

Store your dog food in this easy to use container. With perfect structure, the can may maintain the condition of your food.


dog-food-storage-from-harry-barkerDesign of the container – The white external surface of the container gives the product an exceptional look. You can see that words- Dog Food are imprinted on the container. Besides, this white container has also a very well-built structure. So, if your dog wants to scratch it, then it will not get damaged. The color on the system will also last for a long period.

Airtight – The lids can be sealed tightly. After taking out the foods, you have to close the lids properly, to prevent the entrance of air.

Integrated scooper – This is one of the additional advantages that you can get, while buying the product. It means that Harry Barker has offered a comprehensive product by providing not only the container but also the scooper. Thus, you do not buy the scooper separately, and with this item, you can pick the amount of food that your dog wants. Besides, as it is a steel scooper, it is durable.

Easy cleaning allowed – It is always needed to keep the food containers clean because if there is dirt, the foods can become contaminated. Your dogs may also turn out to be ill for eating such foods. So, it is best to clean the container by means of a wet cloth. After washing it with soap, let the box be dried, replacing its lid.
Thus, Harry Barker has tried to give more functionality with a simply designed container.

7. Pet Stuff Tower to store food


  • Very simple to assemble
  • Two bins in one system


  • All leashes cannot be fitted on the hooks
  • Material need to be sturdier

This is the most exceptional storage system that looks like a tower. In fact, this product is also versatile because it helps you in storing more than one food. Now, let us, assess its every feature to know the system completely.


pet-stuff-tower-to-store-foodPrevents the access of pest – The unique snap-lock covers for each of the storage sections help in retaining the freshness of food. Your dog will not find odor in the food, and the pests can also be kept out.

Multiple bins – Each of the bins, found in the system, may hold almost eight pounds of dog food. Thus, you can keep various foods of your dog inside this flexible system. A scooper is also integrated with the capacity of carrying one and half cup of food.

Other features – There is also a pedal at the base and it helps in accessing the lower bin easily. In addition to it, hooks are also present at the side of this product, and you can use them to keep the leashes of your pet. The lid is based on mainly plastic material, and you have to push it upwards in a vertical way. It must be locked in the right place after your use.

Thus, this white colored tower-like food storage facility seems to be much useful, and you can use it mainly in your indoor space.

Final Thoughts

The food containers, described above, are designed in a variety of ways. If you think that the containers need to be moved very often, you have to choose one with wheels.

Besides, test the durability of your food container and dog-proof systems. All these aspects may enable you to get the best food container. You'll want to store your best dog food for anal gland issues the right way.