Best Heated Dog Beds Reviews 2020

Many pet owners believe that as their pets, like cats or pooches, have fur on their body, they do not feel cold. But, this is not right, and your four-legged pet needs some warmth for sleeping at ease. So, the special heated beds have been made for them to offer these friendly animals a pleasant place.

However, all these beds are not designed in the same way, and their heating mechanism is also different. You may buy a perfectly padded, risk-free bed. Some of the models of such beds are reviewed below.

This is a comfortable dog bed that allows your dog to have rest and sleep peacefully.


Thermo-electric – The product has been designed not like the traditional heated beds. Rather, the bed is operated with a thermo electrical technique. However, you do not need to be concerned about your utility bill. The bed utilizes 6 W electricity is consumed, and thus, you may run the system with no problem. It means that the bed uses innovative technique for heating. The pad, which is present at the centre, may remain warm with a temperature, which is almost 10 to 15 degrees more than the normal level.

Two different sizes available – This dog bed can be found in 2 sizes, and it is best for those, who have dogs of various sizes. The bigger one is about thirty one inches in length.

Reasonable size and well-design pad – The dog bed includes a pad, which gives utmost comfort, due to its proper construction. Besides, the thickness of the bed is about 5 inches. So, it offers your doggie a cosy place to sleep. Moreover, a bolster added on the sides, may give an additional advantage because the pup can crouch, while sleeping.

Allows easy cleaning – The bed for your dog may at times becomes dirty. So, you can remove the bed cover anytime. Use the zip of the system and remove the cover. Need help cleaning your pet? Look into these top dog grooming supplies we've reviewed.

KH Manufacturing Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper


  • No extreme electricity consumption
  • Thermo-electricity based device
  • Removable heating system and pad
  • Good for dogs and also cats
  • Warranty: one year


  • Not perfect for large-sized dogs
  • Need to keep a blanket beneath the pad

It is another dog bed model; however, it is intended to be used in an indoor area and outdoor spaces, like garage and porch.

KH Manufacturing Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed with FREE Cover


Versatility – The heated bed can be used both by your kitten and pup.

Comfortable arrangement – Lectro-Soft dog beds offer a number of options in terms of sizes. Inside this bed, there is Orthopedic foam to sustain the heat for keeping up the warmth of pets and for reducing the consumption of energy.

Regulate temperature mechanically – The thermostats are pre-set and automatically control the temperature in order to sustain the comfort and warmth of your pet. The outdoor cushions of the bed are made for warming up your dog’s body up to standard temperature, while it lies on the bed. If the pet leaves the padded area, then the produced heat may dispel into air.

Tested product – The dog bed was launched after undergoing a rigorous test. The certification from MET Labs makes the product more reliable, and there is no electrical risk.

Water-resistance feature – Flexible OVC has been applied on the external part in order to make sure that your dog bed will not soak up water. Your pet will not feel the discomfort of wet fabric of the bed.

Uses reasonable power – The bed uses just forty watts for keeping its mechanism operated properly.


  • Temperature is preset
  • Can be used at any place
  • Resist water
  • Low electricity consumed


  • Cannot give good result for outdoor use
  • Base appears to be warmer than the surface 

This is the most attractive looking dog bed where your pet can lie about and relax.

KH Manufacturing Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper


Multiple layers – The self-warming system of the bed includes more than one layer in order to preserve the warmth and coziness of your pet. The first layer is intended to allow insulation, which gives out the generated warmth from your dog’s own heat. This layer has been created by means of soft quality polyfil. The base layer of this bed is equipped with some non-slip material, which reflects back the available heat to the pet.

Electricity not needed – Unlike the other dog beds, you do not require using electricity in this self-warming product.

Indoor bed – This K&H dog bed is best designed to be placed in any indoor area. If the outdoor temperature is too cool, your pet body cannot be heated.

Soft place to sleep – Your dog always looks for some fluffy soft site to lounge comfortable.  This dog bed is the most engaging place for your small pet. The external part of such dog bed has also durable material and striking cotton fabric. There is also a lining of lavish microfleece, for which your dog may love to curl up. The bolster that borders the dog bed is overstuffed, and rightly goes with soft, padded sleeping area.

Colour – The two colors – green and mocha are combined in order to offer a unique look to the valuable dog bed.


  • Non-slip base
  • Able to self-warm
  • Works without electricity
  • Easy to clean wash


  • Not enough in size
  • Slight noise created due to the material

This is an attractively looking blue coloured bed sleeper with durable features.

Milliard Indoor Heated Dog Bed Sleeper


Soft beds – The bedding stuff is extremely comfortable and soft for your little cat.  The heating cushion is made of vinyl and this is so flexible that your pet may have no difficulty in fitting his body.

Removable parts – You can remove the bedding in order to wash it with machine. Try to keep the beds clean all the time.

Thermostatic system – There is a thermostat in the internal structure and it manages the temperature. Only when your cat lies on the bed, the system starts its heating process. Thus, your pet may feel highly comfortable as soon as it sits on the bed. This kind of structure save the use of energy and lets your furry pal sleep peacefully.

No risk – The bed warmer begins its working, when any animal starts using it. And if the warmer is in plugged condition for several months, there will be no problem. You have no safety risk because of doing it.

Enough space – The bed can hold almost eight kittens or two matured cats, and all of them can sleep comfortably.


  • Runs with thermostat
  • Removable pads
  • Soft cushion


  • No enough padding
  • Surrounding border seems to be thicker than bedding surface

Give your little dog or an older one a warm feeling during sleep with this sleeper.

KH Manufacturing Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper Bed 2


Use of special material – To make the bed with self-warming capacity, some unique fabric is used. The materials, used for it, are able to reflect or retain the heat of the pup’s body. So, keep your pets warm with no needed of monitoring them at any time. Moreover, it is also seen that these beds have health benefits to those dogs that have arthritis problem.

Energy efficiency – Most of the pet owners like this bed because they don’t to need to connect the system with electric plug. The bed has the capability to warm up your doggie’s body in a distinctive way.

Allow you to cleanse effortlessly – Your lovely dog bed often should be washed, and it can be done easily. It is possible because of the zipper system at the base; you may extract the pillow from the bed. You can buy a pillowcase in order to allow simple cleanup with no mess.

Stability of the bottom – The base part of the bed is made in such a manner that it cannot glide through the floor easily. Your dog always wants to sleep at a stable place with no trouble.

Spacious – You can allow your two small dogs to sleep on the same bed.

Elevated edge – As the edges are elevated, there is no chance to fall, while sleeping. Besides, it gives an added comfort to your cute dog.


  • Electricity never required
  • The base allows stability
  • Easy maintenance


  • No good for outdoor use
  • Some dog slides and cannot sit at the centre of bed

Pet Magasin offers self-heated mat with 2 pads for all pooches and cats.

Cat Bed Heated 2-Pack- Pet Magasin


Self-warming – This feature is included in the product due to the mylar layer, and this kind of insulating fabric is often utilized to manufacture spacesuits. The material is able to absorb the heat, hold it and at the same time, insulates it from cool grounds. Besides, this bed involves no cable to warm the doggie’s body. Thus, you do not have to be worried about your pet’s cord chewing habit.

No skidding – The base of the heated pad is made of rubber so that the mat may not skid easily. Thus, if you mistakenly tread on the mat, you will not get slipped.

Provides maximum comfort – The top cover of the mat is made of velvet, and thus, it gives a smooth feel to your pet. Besides, the pads are quite soft and thick. So, your dog will not feel the hard floor of your room. In addition to it, the material is hypoallergenic, and may not cause any harm to the pets.

Two pads – The product includes 2 pads of two various sizes. You may position the pads in such a way that your pets can get the desired level of comfort.

Clean pads easily – In some cat or dog beds, the surface is very shaggy. But, for this product, as velvets are used, you can easily remove all the small furs easily. Moreover, your pet will possibly like to spend most of their time on the mat. And your furniture will not be dirty in any way.


  • Two different sized pads mats
  • Self-warmed
  • Velvet layer and thick pads
  • Rubber-made base


  • Smaller pad seems to be little big
  • Some cats do not show interest

This is a blue colored mat with simple heating mechanism. 

Pup Warmer Heating Dog Mat from PlayaPup


Automatic system to warm up – You have nothing to do with the pad, while your pet is going to sleep. The pad is designed to get triggered or deactivated, when the pet steps on it or leaves it. It means that the system is activated with only pressure. Thus, PlayaPup offers a hassle-free system to the pet owners. However, to get complete warmth, it needs almost three minutes. But, it varies according to the atmosphere of where you reside. 

Best temperature setting – Overheating is not good for any pet’s health. To avoid this situation, the dog mat manufacturer has made their product to increase the temperature only up to 102 o. Thus, there is no concern of getting your pet excessively heated. 

Chew resistance features – The AC adapter and cord, included in the package cannot get damaged, when your pet starts chewing it. 

Size of the mat – PlayaPup presents three round shaped mats, and the possible diameter of the largest one is about inches. Though some users are concerned on size, the mats function perfectly. With these mats, the dispersion of heat is also good and your cats or dogs can enjoy only the required heat. 

Portability – You can fold the mats to any place easily because they are very soft and lightweight. You may then place them at any room, where your pets live.


  • Can be used with other dog beds
  • Standard temperature for heating
  • Removable cover
  • Strong cord with chew resistance feature


  • Takes much time to warm
  • Some users are concerned on fire hazard


The heated beds are really essential for any pet because they can not only allow it to sleep but also give physical benefits. Look at the features of these beds to purchase one, which is suitable for you from every viewpoint.

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