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Can Cats Eat Apples?

All owners of cat know that they have always the responsibility to provide the proper nutrition to the cat in order to make them healthy and fit. A completely balanced diet for cat consists of all the required nutrients. Obviously, fruits also seem to be nutritious for the cats. And among these fruits, apple is the most preferred one.

Apples are one of the appetizing healthy snacks for your pet, like cat. A small piece of a fresh apple is full of high vitamin K and C, calcium, and also pectin (a fibre soluble easily). Thus, it can surely give your cat a healthy punch. Though it evidently does not contain protein component of standard cat’s meal, any small apple may work as the best side-dish that can supply lots of vitamins.

Never Remove the Skin

Moreover, the skin of the apple has also some health benefit. This skin consists of plant-based substances, called as the phytonutrients. These elements are found to possess anti-oxidant features and may also decrease the possibility of cancer not only in cats but also in humans.

When a cat reveals some signs, which indicate that they prefer consuming apples, you must not have any concern about giving them a few slices of apples as their treat. Or, in normal food, of cat, you may also add the apple pieces on the top.

Apples have also some special properties, which are able to improve the cat’s immune system. And, due to this fact, they may offer your feline companions the power to combat all the pests as well as some infections.

Apples – Make your Cat’s Health Better

This kind of fruit can also make the fur of your cat better because it may avoid the bites and allergies. With the detoxifying properties and antioxidant features, apples may develop the physical condition and role of your pet’s essential organs, for example, the bladder, liver or kidney.

However, before feeding apples to the pets, you have to ensure that these have produced organically. Pesticides may damage the body of cat, causing adverse effects. You do not need to take out the skin of the apple. The outer layer of the fruit can also present benefits to health because it has phytonutrients that are anti-oxidants and can decrease cancer risk, as it is already said.

But, when you do not know the origin or source of your apples, it may be better to eliminate the peel at first prior to feeding this to the cat. In this approach, the pesticides that are in the skin of the fruit will not be taken by the cats. In fact, as a cat is a small creature, a little quantity of pesticides may lead to the harm of the furry animal.

Are the Seeds Safe for Cats?

With the above discussion, you have now understood that you can give apples to the cats safely. But, always ensure that the seeds of the fruit have been taken out. The seeds contain some components, which may be transformed to toxic hydrogen cyanide while they get to the cat’s intestines.

If you have fed the pet these seeds, you should not be concerned. Only one or two seeds may not lead to any poisonous results. Now, when you recognize the fact about the seeds, you must deal with the apples in a proper way, while feeding your cats.

The seeds of apple have amygdaline that is a poison that blends with some enzyme of intestines in order to generate hydrogen cyanide.

Hydrogen cyanide destroys the ability of the red blood cells to hold the gas, oxygen. Only a little amount may be endured by the pet’s body. But, bigger amounts may be poisonous. Unfortunately, any remedy is not there for the poison.

While the cat consumes a number of seeds without gnawing them, the body will not be at all poisoned. The hard cover of seeds keeps this toxin in one place. While this crosses the digestive structure, it is still in original shape.

Allergic Response to Apples

Some feline animals are sensitive to apples. So, if this is the first time, you are feeding your cat, you need to ensure that you have give it good time to become accustomed to the new food. After that, watch the signs with care. You can by offering the pet only small piece of the fruit. While the cat prefers the fruit, you may increase the amount. Make certain that the cat is not behaving in a strange way, after giving the fruits to him, because it may be an indication of the allergic result.

Lastly, remember that the stomach of your cat is not very. So, feeding it several apples simultaneously may lead to stomach upset. Some apples pieces may be enough and may be the best treat. Everything should be given in moderation, apples, potatoes and whatnot.