Can Cats Eat Avocado?

Cats are beautiful and adorable animals, some of the most popular in the world. Did you know they are officially the most popular pets in America? There are 88 million cats taken as pets, compared to just 74 million dogs? That's an interesting fact, indeed, considered we often hear people speaking of cats as too proud and self oriented creatures. Well, the facts speak differently! Those adorable, gentle and cuddly animals are ours most beloved pets!

Cats are great humans’ friends. Treated right way, they could be really kind and loving, very attached to their owners, just as dogs. Cats are easy to please and tame, if you know how to act. They are not particularly interested in training, so you could hardly teach your dear feline to obey the commands, such as those you could teach a dog. Cats are very intelligent; they just don't want to do things they have no interest in. However, a cat would easily learn to obey basic house rules. You could hardly find a messy and dirty cat. Those animals take care of their surrounding, their health, body and look.

However, cats are demanding pets. It might seem they don't require much of your attention, when it comes to taking care of it, but, once taken as a pet, a cat becomes a member of your family and household. Its independent nature doesn't mean you could just let it on its own. A house cat needs special care and treatment. You have to provide it the best medical care, good living conditions and enough space, a lot of physical activity and very much of your time, patience and devotion. This cuddly furry ball loves to spend time with humans, especially a city apartment cat that doesn't go out at all.

What do cats eat?

Let us study cats' eating habits a little bit. If you want your loving feline to grow and stay healthy and strong, you have to provide it the best nutrition plan, of course. All cats are carnivores, in the first place. It literally means cats need meat to survive, to develop healthy and normally and keep their bodies in good shape. Proteins from animal meat are essential for cats' organism. They supply cat's muscles, bones and all organs with valuable amino acids, which are the most important element for safe and good development of cats' body. Proteins from meat would energize your cat, make it feel great and satisfied, in terms of nutritional needs.

Feeding cats only home prepared meat could be quite expensive and it requires a lot of time and effort, so most of cat owners usually choose to feed their pets commercial cat food. Most veterinarians would also suggest the same. Cat food products are good for your pet. They are carefully designed to provide your cat all the essential nutrients it requires on a daily basis. So, your cat's daily menu should consist mostly of cat food granules.

There are also good quality vacuumed and canned meals for cats, which could be added to your beautiful feline's menu. There is a great deal of very good cat food products and you should just choose the most appropriate for your cat.

Since cats are carnivores, commercial cat food, based on meat proteins and few other needed compounds, usually fulfills all of cats' daily needs. However, you could make some meals at home, of course. You could cook some carefully selected meat and prepare it and serve properly. Some veggies and fruits may also benefit your cat in very very small amounts, but they are not necessary at all. As for other types of food, cats don't need any additional flavors, nutrients and elements.

So, avoid snacks, sweets, fatty food, a lot of carbs and such. If you make your cat get used to such types of food, it would most likely gain weight and get seriously ill.

Benefits from avocados for cats

We're sure you could hardly imagine a cat eating an avocado. Cats are not particularly interested in eating fruits, but there could still be some benefits from several types of fruits. Avocados are slightly different from juicy, acidic, watery fruits, but can be as healthy as other foods such as crabs. They are very rich in important amino acids, some valuable minerals and vitamins and beneficial dietary fiber.

Since cats are carnivores and they mostly require proteins from meat and fish, in order to develop healthy, avocados could actually benefit your cat. This fruit contains eighteen amino acids, which could be very healthy for your cat. They are important for providing energy, building muscle tissues and all cats' organs functions. Raw bananas can be good for cats too.

In addition, avocados contain healthy fats, which are also useful to cats. Compared to humans, cats' organism is much more tolerable of fats, meaning natural and healthy ones, of course. Avocados also have antioxidant properties, which is good for your pet's immune system functioning.

If you want to give your cat some avocados, you need to keep to its regular diet plan, of course. As long as other types of food are not used to replace your pet's regular food, some additions to diet could be beneficial. So, create a good and well balanced plan for your cat, according to its particular needs and you could experiment with few other healthy viands, such as avocados.

Despite some speculations, there is no evidence of avocado poisoning in cats and dogs. It is safe to feed your cat small avocado portions once in a while. Don't feed your cat any avocado products, like guacamole, for example, just a plain fruit. Avocado dips, sauces and other products contain additional ingredients and spices that could be harmful to your cat.

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