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Can Cats Eat Bacon?

Let us meet with one of the most fascinating furry pets on Earth! All felines, including adorable domesticated cat breeds, originate from the same wild prehistoric cat-like animal. So, it is not surprising your cuddly pet sometimes act like a ruler of the jungle. Cats have an interesting past. They have been living with people for millenniums. They were domesticated in Africa, a long time ago, where they ascended to the position of deities. You probably know they were sacred animals to ancient Egyptians, worshiped and praised for thousands of years.

Cats were welcome in many people homes all throughout human history. They have been keeping away snakes, mice and other pests and protected our houses, since ancient times. Cats are respected all over the world and they still have a prominent place in many cultures. Cats are also considered mysterious and magical beings, both good and bad. They are often connected with realms of darkness and secrets, worlds of ghosts, witches and other fantasy beings. They are considered to bring both good and bad fortune, depending on local traditions and beliefs.

Those magical animals are also extremely popular pets, along with dogs. There is something truly captivating in their proud nature. They are quite independent and very skillful, but if you consider getting a cat as a pet, you need to be prepared for a long term commitment. A cat needs your attention, your love and devotion. In order to have a healthy and happy cat, you have to provide it all the essential needs, which include proper living conditions, activity, medical care and nutrition.

Cat’s nutrition

Your lovely and cuddly furry ball is an exclusive carnivore. It is a ruthless hunter by its nature, so the main ingredient on its menu is meat. Actually, cat doesn’t need many other nutrients to be healthy and agile. Proteins are the very base of its diet. They are essential for normal and healthy growth and development of a cat’s body. Proteins keep your cat in good shape, keep it energetic, active and make it feel good.

When it comes to feeding cats, you should know proteins should take up the most of your pet’s nutrition plan. The best option is to feed your cat food you can purchase in pet stores. Those products are especially formulated to meet every cat’s individual nutritional needs. There are special products for kittens, pregnant and lactating females, adult cats, old or recovering cats, as well as different cat breeds. There is a variety of dry, canned and vacuumed cat food and all of it is generally good. However, you need to get well informed and choose the right product for your cat.

You can also feed your cat some homemade food. That usually means cooked meat. Some chicken, turkey, beef or blue fish can be good. Cats can eat sardines with little worry. Never feed it raw meat, because of dangerous parasites which can lead to serious, even fatal poisoning. Processed meat food is also not good for cats. It contains a lot of additives, which are meant to keep it unspoiled.

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A slice of bacon?

Well, bacon is basically a meat product, but it is not cats’ food, so it is to be avoided. Unfortunately, there is a considerable number of owners who feed their pets a lot of stuff which is not made for them because they think that just because it is okay for humans then it should be okay for pets as well (see our article on cats and watermelon seeds). Processed human food is just not meant for our pets and it will only do them harm. An occasional bite won’t necessarily do them any bad, but why would you risk at all?

A slice of bacon might seem as a good treat for your cat, considering it eats meat and bacon is processed from it. Cats are more likely to love some bacon then other treats you might feed it, but it is not a good option. Bacon is usually cured, so it is quite high in sodium, which is really bad for cats. Cats can experience salt poisoning, due to extra salt intake. It is extremely dangerous and can even lead to fatal end.

You know bacon is quite fatty and you are aware of risks from having too much of it. Saturated fats from bacon are extremely dangerous for humans. Cats can actually tolerate more of it, but it is not good for them, either. Long term consumption of food high in saturated fats, such as bacon, could lead to obesity and all that comes along.

You might think you’re good owner if treating your cat a delicious slice of bacon from your own table. If you think so, you’re wrong. That is not an act of kindness, regardless of what many people think. Don’t fall for your cat’s meowing and cuddling! Feed it food that is good for its health. You can choose between various other good and healthy treats for your adorable feline.

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