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Can Cats Eat Bananas?

When you have cats in your house, you perhaps look for some food supplements, found in the marketplace, and such supplements are obviously intended for all cats. But, as a cat owner, you may plan to add some fruits, from which your own body gets nutrition.

Many cat lovers want to add banana in the list of their pets’ diet. In fact, a cat possibly likes to munch on a piece of banana; but still, there are some doubts on whether this fruit can satisfy the needs of your cat’s body.

Only fresh banana is good for health

As banana is considered to be safe for all felines, it may be chosen as nutritious snacks for your cat. Some cats also like to chomp frozen fruit as their special treat, given occasionally. Bananas as well as other fruits may be offered to your feline pet since they contain very low amount calories, and that is why you do not need to be concerned on the heavy weight of your pet.

But, when you offer rotten bananas to your cats, they are most likely to cause harm to your furry pet’s body.  In due course, your pet may also become sick. Moldy bananas that release bad smell may distress your cat’s stomach and cause diarrhea and vomiting. Greens like kale can cause similar effects.

Whether you are providing bananas or any other kinds of fruits, you have to ensure that they are safe for your body. While a fruit is not good for your health, it will not probably be harmless for your cats or other creatures.

If you want to offer bananas to a cat, then it is better to wet them at first. In accordance with some research, moistened foods for felines may control weight. There is, however, no need to make a special arrangement for moistening the food. Just add water in it to do so.

Is your cat allergic to banana?

Whenever you are adding any new food to your cat’s diet, allergies are perhaps your major concern about the cat’s health. Every cat may have different kinds of allergies. Though most of the cats can safely consume banana, your own feline buddy may show some allergic response to the fruit.

Again, if this is your first introduction of banana to your cat’s food, it is always desirable to observe its reaction. Offer a little bit of banana and watch the reaction of its body. Be aware of any kind of allergy and stomach ache caused due to the consumption of this fruit.

Though bananas are one of the nutritious fruits, do not give too much of this fruit to your feline. It is particularly true when your little cat has already gained excessive weight. Still, you always need to assess the amount of fruit to be fed to your cat. Like many other fruits, bananas consist of sugar; obviously, a good amount of sugar may not be a healthy option for a pet. So, you have to give priority to moderation while feeding a cat.

There is another thing that you have to remember while you have not given banana to your furry friend before. You must not offer a different kind of vegetables or fruits along with banana. Rather, offer a particular fruit at a given time. In this way, you can realize whether your cat has experienced any change in health due to the new fruit.

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Banana and all other fruits for your cats

Most of the fruits are riskless for most of the species of feline animals. But, there are some fruits, which should never be provided to any cat because they may put your cat’s life in danger.

Prior to giving a banana to any animal, you have to ensure that you have removed its skin completely. You should not provide the peels of banana to your cats, and the main reason behind it is that the digestive system of your cat may not have the ability to endure it.

Most of the banana peels have some residue of pesticide because farmers apply chemicals in order to destroy pests and insects. After removing the peels, you do not need to wash the soft portion of the fruit before giving it to a pet. Though peels are not much toxic, they are not good in taste and are thus inedible.

If your pet loves to eat banana, then you have good news for your cat; bananas are not included under the list of poisonous foods. In fact, banana is perfect fruit not only for cats but also for horses and canine animals. However, while you are considering the benefits, offered by banana, you should be careful about the sugar content of the fruit. It is already said that the extreme dosage of sugar is harmful for your cats.

When you have planned to feed your pets several bananas daily, they may suffer from chubbiness. Besides, they can also experience the problem of diabetes. A large amount of banana on one meal may trouble your cat’s stomach.

Our body perhaps has the ability to eat any number of bananas; but this rule is never applicable for your cats. One complete piece of banana may take much time to get assimilated because this is very hard to breakdown. Of course, when it cannot be properly digested, it will also lead to the problem of constipation.

You know that most of the vets recommend you to only smallest bit of banana to your pet, and this advice should be strictly maintained, while your cat is quite aged. From scientific facts, it is known that our metabolism turns out to be much slower when we become old. Thus, if you think that your cat is quite aged, you have to take extra care about its diet. However, diet for a younger cat should not be same as the older one.

As all the cats have diverse habits and preferences, it is better to have a good notice to the nutritional needs of your cat. It is also good to examine the age, lifestyle, breed and activity of individual cat before deciding on the kinds of foodstuff you like to give to your furry pal. And from the above discussion about the consumption of banana, it is to be said that you must try to be watchful on the cat’s react. The same is true for cats eating pumpkins. If you have more than one cat, the reaction of each of them may not be same. Thus, it is essential to take individual care of them. Besides, you can also try to consult with vets to talk about your cats’ health and their regular diet.

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