Can Cats Eat Blueberries?

There are more than seventy beautiful cat breeds and each of them is amazing and interesting in its particular way. Whatever cat breed you find the most attractive, they are all truly irresistible! Cats have been domesticated long time ago. Some of modern cat breeds are natural and they originate from ancient times; others are bred by humans.

However, all cats share the very same common characteristics. They are proud, intelligent, elegant, very curious and adorable living creatures. There is hardly a more adorable picture than a cuddly, little kitty!

Those irresistible animals are commonly taken as pets. Having a cat changes our life. This beautiful animal could make our life more interesting, joyful and bring warmth to our hearts and smiles on our faces. Just as dogs, cats should be considered a part of the family. This kind and sensitive animal needs to be treated with love, care and respect, just as your loved ones. A neglected and abandoned pet makes a sad picture and it also applies to cats, even if they seem so independent and self sufficient. A cat taken as a pet needs all of your love and attention.

So, if you decide to widen up your household for one member more, get well informed on what your new adorable friend needs to grow and develop healthy. If you provide it conditions it requires, a cat would lead a long, joyful and fulfilled life in your home.

Although cats are extremely active animals, they find it easy to adapt to different circumstances. Having a cat in a city apartment is completely ok, since it can adapt to never go out at all. Just make sure you provide it enough space and places to climb and play. Provide your pet regular medical care, good and healthy food and all of your unconditional love, of course.

Diet plan for a cat

Once you decided to adapt a cat, you must be aware it needs well balanced and healthy diet plan, in order to get energized, grow and develop strong and stay healthy. It's the same for all of our pets, but their nutrition is quite different. As for cats, you should know they are obligate carnivores. To put it simply, cat eat only meat. Well, house cats could get used to eat different types of food, but that is neither healthy nor beneficial to them. Many owners would feed their pets leftovers from their own tables, but that is wrong, especially in case of so strictly oriented animals, in terms of needed nutrients.

Cats need proteins and their amino acids from land animals, birds and fish meat, in the first place. Those essential nutrients are important for their muscles, bones and entire body development. Healthy fatty acids and other meat compounds make a cat grow healthy and strong and feel great. You are certainly aware feeding a cat only high quality and carefully prepared meat meals could be very expensive and demanding. Fortunately, there are various quality products, designed especially for your beloved feline.

Commercial cat food is the best choice to feed your pet on a daily basis. It contains all your pet needs, meaning a good proportion of proteins and few other important ingredients. Granulated food is the best choice to be used on your cat's regular menu, as well as vacuumed and canned meals that are also good to combine. As for other types of food, cats don't really require extra supplies of other ingredients.

However, they could benefit from some fresh fruits and vegetables once in a while. Bananas can be healthy for cats. Some of those could be used as healthy treats or beneficial additions to your cat's diet, if your cat is interested in having any of these at all, of course.

Nutritional blueberries as a healthy treat

Cats are picky animals and they wouldn't eat everything they come up to. Domesticated, house cats could probably be more interested to try different types of food than their wild relatives, since they are used to their humans' habits and environment. However, cats are usually not interested in eating fruits. Some of them would like to try them, some not. Fruits are not essential to cats, especially really sweet or acidic ones, but there are some that could be good, actually.

Blueberries, for example. Blueberries are low in calories and packed with very valuable nutrients. Blueberries are full of the immune booster, vitamin C. Although cats don't actually require any extra supplies of this vitamin, it could still help cats with health problems, such as cancer, hearth diseases and other serious health conditions. On the other hand, cats with urinary problems should not have it; that means they should not have a lot of blueberries, as well.

Blueberries extract is becoming more and more used in composing high quality cat ready made food you can find in pet stores. Antioxidant properties of these delicious berries are important for all human beings, including cats. Pet food industry makes serious experiments and efforts to create the best compositions of their products. There are already some very good cat food products containing blueberries extract, which improves its impact on your dear feline's health.

As for fresh blueberries, they are ok to be used as a treat. Blueberries are not toxic to cats, but they should never replace your cat's regular food. Remember, cats are meat eaters and even if your dear furry ball by any chance loves the taste of blueberries, do not go overboard. A few berries on special occasions should be completely fine and even useful.

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