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Can Cats Eat Broccoli?

They are graceful and beautiful, cuddly and dear pets. Cats are very intelligent animals that understand what’s happening around them. They have excellent powers of observation and can be very sympathetic to those who managed to approach them. A cat will notice if her owner is sad or ill and come to help and cheer him or her up. Despite common beliefs cats are indifferent about humans, there were even cases cats died the same time their owners gone, across great distances. There are also many accounts on great cat rescue deeds, in life threatening situations, such as fire or else.

Many people believe cats are not affectionate pets, but they are totally wrong. A cat can be extremely bound to its owner. Some cats even refuse food and show signs of depression when their owners are absent. They are sensitive beings. Cats can be very self-willed, but also kind and friendly pets. If you treat your beautiful feline proper way, it will be satisfied, cheerful and healthy.

There are different cat breeds and you have to get well informed on their characteristics, before getting yourself a cat. On the other hand, every cat needs some basic inevitable conditions. You need to have the best possible living space for your new friend. Cats also need a lot of activity, since they are naturally energetic and curious. You also need to provide your cat a regular medical care and proper nutrition, according to is individual needs.

Proper nutrition for a healthy cat

Cats are obligate carnivores, so meat should take up the largest part of their diet plan. Their organisms didn’t evolve to process other types of food, despite long time spent by humans’ side. Cats actually need very few nutrients to be satisfied. They are natural born hunters, so small prey animals are their natural food. Proteins of animal origin are inevitable for proper functioning and development of cats’ organism.

You can feed your cat ready made food products, formulated especially for cats. It is commonly advised and really good option. There are different products made for different cat breeds and individual characteristics of a particular cat. You can choose between various dry, canned or vacuumed products for adult cats, older or recovering pets, pregnant or breastfeeding females, kittens etc. Get well informed and choose the best for your adorable feline.

Some homemade food can also be good for your cat. Try some quality, well prepared meat. Chicken, beef, turkey and blue fish are all good choices. Always make sure meat is well cooked. Never serve your pet raw meat, because it can get poisoned. Parasites and bacteria can be found in raw flesh and get your cat serious health problems.

Do cats eat broccoli?

Some cats got used to various types of food, including vegetables. Although their body isn’t naturally adapted to processing plant food, you could sometimes see a cat chewing some herbs or grass. They do it in order to calm their upset stomach or to induce vomiting in order to get rid of hairballs. There are very few cats that eat them simply because of the taste.

Plant food contains almost no nutritional value to cats. Their body simply can’t digest raw plant material, so they will most likely vomit it shortly after eating. There are cat friendly plants which can reduce their stomach problems and remove hairballs, but beside that, there are no benefits eating them, in terms of nutrition. Milky products like yogurt aren’t ideal for feline diet, too.

You might wonder whether it is a good idea to feed your cat some healthy vegetables, such as broccoli, or not. Well, surprisingly, some cats actually really love their taste. However, being carnivores, they don’t need nutrients from broccoli. It could be ok to give your cat some of it once in a while, if it shows any interest in having it. You probably know what benefits people can get from food such as broccoli. It is full of valuable nutrients for humans; it has anti-oxidant properties and, according to some studies, could even prevent cancer and other serious health problems. Greens are good for us, but are there any broccoli benefits for cats?

Some plain, boiled broccoli could actually work for your cat the same way it works for you. It is also good for digestion, so some cats would crave for broccoli the same way they do for other plants and grass, when they’re experiencing stomach problems.

However, too much of it will most likely upset your cat’s tummy and get it diarrhea and cause vomiting. Almonds can cause similar effects. While some cooked chicken probably smells more alluring than some veggies to your cat, you can safely offer it some cooked broccoli as well. Just keep in mind vegetables are not meant to become a regular food for your cat, even if it likes it.