Can Cats Eat Cantaloupe?

Most foods which are not processed or which are minimally processed, are considered healthy for people, as well as for pets. But, there are also human foods that are harmful to pets. Because of that, cat owners should also be very careful when they are feeding their pets.

Almost all cat owners know that cats eat not only meat, but also vegetables and fruits. Sometimes cats want to taste something unusual, so they grab food from their owners. Some cats are interested in broccoli and asparagus, others in beans, but most cats enjoy eating cantaloupe. Cat owners are often convinced that they are the first person whose cat eats such unusual thing. If your cat also likes cantaloupe, you are probably wondering if a cantaloupe is safe for your cat.

In this article you will find out something more about cantaloupe and its influence on cats’ health. We will try to explain you the reason why cats like cantaloupe and which amount of this fruit should be given to cats.

More About Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe is a small melon with ribbed skin and orange flesh. Studies have shown that cantaloupe is one of the world healthiest foods. Cantaloupe is a fruit with a rich nutritional content. It is a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C and beta-carotene. Due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, this fruit is very beneficial for people’s health. But, the question is if cantaloupe is safe for cats and which effects cantaloupe has on them.

Why Cats Like Cantaloupe?

Nowadays there are many theories why cats enjoy cantaloupe. Most cats are very interested in cantaloupe especially because of its beautiful aroma. The makers of dry cat foods know that and they often spray the cat foods with cantaloupe aroma. Many studies have been conducted in order to find out why cantaloupe is so attractive to cats. The answer is that cantaloupe smells to cats like meat, because the same amino acids from meat are also present in melons, but in smaller quantities. And we all know that cats are sensitive to all compounds that are found in meat. It is possible that cat eats the rind of a cantaloupe, too. Some cat owners even say that if they throw the rind of a cantaloupe, the cat will dig through the trash to find the rind and to eat it.

Which Amount of Cantaloupe is Good For Cats?

If your cat goes crazy for cantaloupe and if your cat is attracted by the smell of this fruit, you don’t have to worry. You can give a little amount of cantaloupe to your cat from time to time. But, you should always have in mind that moderation is a key of good health. It is enough to give your cat a bite or two, in order to prevent gastrointestinal problems. If you give your cat a big amount of cantaloupe, it can cause diarrhea and stomach upset.

Also, cat can start vomiting and that can lead to dehydration. Because of that, cantaloupe should be used only as a treat for your cat and it should never substitute the real cats’ food. Also read about cats and apples.


At the end, we can say that giving your cat a small portion of cantaloupe once in a while will not be harmful for her. You don’t have to be worried if your cat enjoys cantaloupe and other unusual foods. You can give your cat a small portion of cantaloupe occasionally, but you should always remember that meat is what cats instinctively seek out (not processed meat like bacon, though). All other foods can be only an addition to cats’ diet.

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