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Can Cats Eat Chips?

Many people think that cats eat only meat and milk, but it is not true. Sometimes, cats also enjoy in eating other types of food. Cat owners often feel responsibility for the health of their cats. Sometimes happens that the owners are not sure if certain food is good for their cat or not.

One of the most common questions is if potato chips are safe for cats and how much chips can cats consume. It is not uncommon that cats grab slices of chips from their owners. We all know that junk food is bad for people, but there is a question if this food can make any harm to your cat. In this article you can find out more about potato chips and their effects on cat’s health. Wondering about vegetables? Answer your question by reading our article on whether cats can eat broccoli.

More About Potato Chips

Potato chips consist of thin slices of potato which are fried in deep oil. Potato chips are commonly served as a snack or an appetizer. Chips are often very salted and they contain many ingredients, such as spices, herbs, cheeses or some artificial additives. Because of that, potato chips should be eaten in moderation. They contain a lot of ingredients that can have bad effects on human health, but also on your cat’s health.

Are Chips Good For Cats?

The good news is that potato chips are not found on veterinary lists of dangerous foods for cats. But, it is important not to eat chips in big amounts because this food is full of carbs. In the wild cats don’t eat carbs, so their body can not process them well. Because of that, cats shouldn’t take big amounts of any carbo hydrates. It is known that potato and potato chips don’t have nutritional value for cats. They are also greasy and they are rich in sodium, which is bad for a cat.

Also, a big amount of salt in chips can make cats more thirsty and it can have bad effects on their kidneys. Potato chips are also rich in purines which can break down to uric acid. Purines can have a very bad effect to your cat, especially if your cat is quite old.

How Much Chips Can Cats Eat?

As we have said, cats can eat chips but in very small amounts. Also, cats can consume chips from time to time, as a snack, not as a main meal. You always must have in mind that any human food shouldn’t make more than 15% of a cat’s daily intake. A few slices of chips daily are enough for your cat. Don’t give chips to your cat every day. It can also happen that cat eats too much chips and then cat is not able to eat some other healthier food.  If cat eats more chips than it is recommended, that can cause some health problems to your cat. Diarrhea and stomach upset are the most common consequences of consuming potato chips and other similar fast food. Also, your cat will have a lack of energy and will be very thirsty the whole day.

Final Thoughts

We have presented you some of the advantages and disadvantages of potato chips in a diet of your cat. If your cat likes potato chips and if he grab them while you are eating, then you can give chips to him, but be careful. Only small amounts of chips and other human food can be good for your cat. Have in mind that also people should avoid taking big amounts of potato chips, due to their high content of salt and fat. Moderation has always been a key of good health.

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