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Can Cats Eat Garlic?

We are fascinated by their silent, mysterious pace and their elegance. Cats have been adored from the earliest times of human civilization. You probably know they were worshiped as deities in Ancient Egypt. There are many other cultures that appreciated cats as well and considered them powerful and magnificent. There are various Far Eastern beliefs about cats, as well as some stories in European traditions. All in all, cats are truly amazing animals.

Cats are very skillful and intelligent creatures. They love to be in company of other cats and living beings, but have no problem being on their own. Unlike dogs, cats are quite independent and know how to care for themselves, if living a lonesome life. They are adaptable and clever. Cats usually know how to stay out of danger, but yes, they are really curious. There is a popular saying about cats and curiosity, which contains a piece of truth within, indeed.

However, if you want to have a cat as pet, you need to take a good care of it. A house cat needs to be nurtured and loved in order to have a long, healthy and happy life. Despite being skillful and independent by their nature, cats are demanding pets. You really have to be ready to devote it your unconditional love, a lot of time and patience. Cats are pretty mistrustful and it would take some time to gain its full trust. Once you make a connection, you’ll make a wonderful and loyal furry friend.

Cat’s nutrition

Every cat has the same basic needs. If you take it as a pet, you have to provide it the best possible living conditions, regular medical care, activity and good, well balanced nutrition plan. Nutrition is maybe the most important thing for any pet. Get well informed on what your cat should eat and it will be healthy and satisfied. First of all, you need to know cats are obligate carnivores and they actually need only meat food.

Cats are natural born hunters. Their digestive system hasn’t changed for thousands of years. Domesticated cats’ bodies are quite similar to bodies of their big, wild relatives. A cat’s body is designed to process food of animal origin just like pork and extract from it all the necessary nutrients cats need for healthy growth and development. So, you need to provide it proteins and few other important compounds.

The best option is feeding it purchased cat food. It is formulated to meet essential needs of every cat. There are various products intentionally made for older cats, adult ones, kittens, breastfeeding and pregnant females, as well as different cat breeds. Talk to an expert and determine which product is the best for your cat. You can also make some food on your own. Always use only high quality products and don’t experiment with raw food. Meat should always be well cooked in order to prevent serious food poisoning from parasites and bacteria that can be found in raw products.

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The fatality of garlic

Garlic can be both harmful and beneficial to our pets, but its use is often misunderstood. First of all, garlic belongs to Allium family, which is generally dangerous both to cats and dogs. Its composition badly affects red blood cells in our pets and can cause serious damage if eaten in large amounts. Cats are especially susceptible to its toxicity, because their hemoglobin structure is different than that in dogs. The thing is garlic composition could permanently damage their blood cells and lead to severe anemia, which can be even fatal.

Well, cats are not particularly fond of plants and vegetables, but it might happen they try some garlic, just as any other food. If you notice some of the following symptoms, please see a vet immediately! Garlic poisoning symptoms are lethargy, weakness, lack of coordination, discolored urine, pale gums and hyper salivation, vomiting and diarrhea. Too much garlic will most certainly lead to anemia. Anemic cats experience heart failure, because it needs to beat faster in order to transport oxygen through their veins and supply its kidneys, brain, liver and muscle tissue. Anemia in cats can be fatal and sometimes they’ll need a blood transfusion to stay alive. You surely don’t wish for that scenario happening to your dear, beautiful feline.

On the other hand, a really small amount of garlic could boost your pet’s immune system, but only if given rarely and in extremely small amounts. Some suggest a slice of garlic clove, two to three times a week. This dose could not actually cure your cat from viruses, if it is sick, but it could stimulate its immune system and help it get well. It could be beneficial to weak and older cats.

However, always keep in mind it could be toxic to your pet and regularly check its blood results if you consider giving it as a remedy or healthy addition to its diet. When cooking meat such as beef, which is ideal for cats, remember not to put any garlic or onions that would be harmful to your cats.

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