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Can Cats Eat Honey?

Whether you love it or not, you must admit cats are extraordinary and mysterious beings that have significant symbolic place in many societies around the world. In many Old World’s nations, cats often represented deities in their animal form. Cats are amazing creatures, indeed. They are elegant and graceful animals, but also fierce and skillful hunters. Many people are simply captivated by their irresistible big, clever eyes, beautiful fur and quite impressive agility.

Cats are considered to be extremely independent animals. However, they can be really affectionate pets. There are numerous cases cats rescued their owners from life threatening situations or tried to help them heal. A cat can feel its owners sadness or pain and it will most likely cuddle around trying to comfort him or her. Cats can be truly devoted and loving pets, despite of their pride and independence.

Cats are intelligent animals, in the first place, so they can be easily taught basic household rules. However, be prepared for broken vases and scratched chairs, because those curious animals really love to sneak and climb all around the house! Provide it some cat toys and constructions to climb on and sharp its claws and there shouldn’t be problems at all. If you want a happy, healthy and beautiful cat, you need to meet all its essential needs, in terms of living space, activity, medical care and nutrition.

Feeding felines

Meat is basic cats’ food. They are carnivores and they don’t need a lot of other nutrients to be satisfied. Since they are natural born hunters, their organisms are designed to digest meat, coming from small prey animals. Proteins of animal origin are what cats’ need (read about cats and pork). They are essential for normal and healthy development of their bodies and they provide them all the energy they need. While house cats won’t actually go hunting, their digestive system is the same.

So, proteins should take up the most of your cat’s menu, with the addition of some minerals, vitamins and few other compounds. The best choice is to feed your cat ready made products you can find in pet stores. Pet food industry is quite progressive when it comes to food for different animals. Not that you can just find food for your cat or dog, but you can also choose between various products for different cat breeds, older cats, adult and energetic ones, pregnant females, breastfeeding cats, kittens, cats with some health issues and other.

You can also prepare some food by yourself. If that is the case, you should be very careful in selecting proper viands. Always choose high quality meat like beef for your cat and make sure it is well cooked. Raw meat can be really dangerous. Your cat can get serious food poisoning from parasites and bacteria that can be found in raw food. It is not the same as meat cat gets hunting. Also, avoid spices, salt, sauces and other. They are not good for cats.

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A spoonful of honey?

When it comes to human food and sweets, it is obvious it is made for humans, not cats. Sweets are bad for all of our pets, including cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters and other furry animals. Besides that, cats are obligate carnivores and they are not used to any other food than meat. They can get very few benefits from other ingredients.

Sweet food is not recommended for cats. Don’t think you’re good owner if you treat your pet some candies, chocolate and other human desserts and snacks. It contains sugar, additional aromas, various preservatives and other compounds dangerous for cats. Too much sugar will most likely make your cat sick, if it wants to eat it at all. Not to mention other health problems, such as obesity and diabetes.

When it comes to honey, it is not recommended to be included in your cat’s menu. It doesn’t need it in the wild; therefore you shouldn’t feed it honey. You know honey is high in sugar, which is difficult for cats to process. While it might be beneficial to humans and considered a healthier sweet than some other food, it is not good for cats. They are quite satisfied to keep to their regular meat based diet. Most of cats really show no interest in eating sweet food, such as honey.

Some people would recommend some honey as a natural remedy for your cat’s sore throat. People regularly and efficiently use honey for that purpose.

However, you should seek an expert’s advice in the first place. Don’t use honey as a treat for your cat. Although it is a natural product, it still doesn’t mean your cat can digest it. Too much honey could make your cat ill and obese. Well, the bright side of the story is that cats are quite picky when it comes to food. It will most likely just sniff it and walk away, without trying to eat it along with a jug, like a dog may do.

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