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Can Cats Eat Pineapple?

If you have a cat, you are surely captivated by irresistible charms of this amazing animal. Cats are intelligent and wonderful pets. They are quite independent and likely to rebel the rules, but they can also be very devoted, affectionate and loving pets. Every person who has a cat or cats knows how strong that relation could be. There are various interesting and touching stories about unbreakable bounds between cats and their dear owners.

Cats are quite demanding as pets, just as dogs. They require certain necessary conditions, in order to have a happy, fulfilled and long life by their owners’ side. Cats may seem indifferent about humans sometimes, but the truth is they can quite accurately rate their owners’ feelings or condition. If you’re sad or sick, your cat will most probably come to cuddle and offer its support and comfort you. Some people say cats are good in extracting bad energy from people who are pained or depressed.

However, you also need to be kind to your pet. Don’t knead it and carry around. Cats will let you touch them and cuddle only if they are in the mood for that sort of game. Be gentle and understanding towards your cat and provide it all the essential conditions for a satisfying and healthy life. It needs to be active, so it’s best you get it some creative construction to climb on and play. You should also take it to see a vet regularly, feed it properly and share with it all your love and tenderness.

Feeding a cat

Nutrition is an essential thing on the list of every healthy pet. The same is with cats. You need to feed it correctly, in order to provide it all the necessary nutrients its body needs for good, healthy and normal development. First of all, cats are obligate carnivores. They didn’t change their eating habits for millenniums and they still need meat as their basic food. Proteins from meat are essential for their health.

When you’re buying food for your cat, make sure you’ve chosen right products. See a veterinarian and ask for an advice on your cat’s individual needs. There are various good products of dry, wet, canned or vacuumed food for your feline. Pet food industry has grown really big, so now you can find all kinds of products for different cat breeds and each cat’s individual nutritional needs. Dry food is usually recommended to take up the most of felines’ menu, but you can sometimes give it some good wet food products as well.

When it comes to homemade food, it can be good, as well. Carefully select viands, meat in particular, and make sure it is properly made. Despite cats are natural hunters and they eat raw meat, the best advice is not to risk. It’s simply not the same type of meat. Purchased meat could be spoiled and contain dangerous parasites and bacteria, which could get your pet serious health problems, such as terrible food poisoning. Raw food is to be avoided, in general.

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Exotic juicy pineapples for cats?

When it comes to fruits, there has been really a lot of discussion over the matter. Some experts say cats don’t even have the ability of sensing sweetness, so fruit is not particularly alluring to them at all. Some recent studies claim cats actually do have some sweetness receptors, so they can taste it. Whatever the real truth may be, fruit is not cats’ food. While cats can benefit from small amounts of fruits once in a while, fruits are not necessary for them and they won’t suffer the lack of it. Human snacks might be enjoyable, but are also unnecessary to a cat’s diet. They should stay away from popcorn, however.

You might think some healthy, juicy pineapple could benefit your cat, just as it benefits you. Well, cats are carnivores and they don’t really need a bunch of nutrients coming from pineaples.Their organisms are meant to process meat food and use nutrients from it, while being unable to utilize nutrients from fruits. Pineapples are not poisonous for cats and in very small amounts they can promote their digestion and aid if your cat suffers from constipation.

On the other hand, too much of it will most certainly just get your cat diarrhea. It can irritate its belly and make it feel bad. In addition, pineapples contain sugar, just as any other fruit. Cats’ bodies cannot digest it the way humans can, so they don’t naturally crave for sugary food. Stay away from canned pineapples and any pineapple products that contain added sugars or other ingredients. Those are all just bad for your pet.

So, small, occasional amounts of pineapples are fine for your cat. Cucumbers are also good. You can use it to help your cat’s digestion, if it suffers from constipation, but never use it as a regular food or a regular treat. It might be your cat actually won’t even like to taste it at all. Cats are not likely to eat any food they don’t consider beneficial or tasteful.

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