Can Cats Eat Popcorn?

Did you know some of the most beautiful cat breeds, such as Turkish Angora and Siamese are completely natural? Beautiful Turkish Angora, sophisticated Siamese, adorable Burmese, extraordinary Abyssinian, elegant Egyptian Mau, gentle Persian and so on, there are numerous of cat breeds.

However, one thing they all have in common – they're completely irresistible! Even those who are not so passionate cat lovers must admit there is something truly captivating about cats. They are mysterious, beautiful and very intelligent. Mother Nature was very generous to cats, creating them so agile and good looking.

There is an old Chinese story about cats and gods. According to the legend, gods first let cats rule the world and watch over humans. Cats were able to speak then. However, they found it much more enjoyable just to play and rest in the grass beneath blooming cherry trees, so they neglected their responsibility. They were warned several times to pay attention to what’s going on around, but cats didn't show real interest for doing so. So gods took the power of speech from cats and gave it to humans. As the story tells, since then humans have been ruling the Earth. Cats were left to enjoy their play and they were completely satisfied with that outcome.

That's an interesting story about felines. They have had many important roles in humans' lives. Cats are often used as pest hunters and protectors of our homes and food supplies. In modern times, they are commonly taken just as cuddly pets. Cats are adaptable and independent animals, but if you take it as a pet, you need to be aware they require certain conditions to live long and happy life. A cat held in an apartment could be totally satisfied without going out at all, but you need to provide it all the necessities. Cats require a lot of their owners' time, love and patience. If you have those, you're ready to get this wonderful pet.

Tips on feeding cats

As you may know, cats are carnivores and they do not require much of other nutrients over meat proteins. Those are their essential nutrients. Proteins and valuable amino acids they contain are the most important elements for safe, healthy and progressive development of a cat's body. Cats need it for their bones, skin, eyes, fur and so on. Cats' bodies are designed to hunt small prey animals and their digestive tract is completely adjusted to process and utilize material coming from meat. So, they are obligate carnivores.

Cats don't need various viands, like some other pet animals. So, the best solution for a healthy cat diet plan is to use commercial granulated food as a base of your pet's nutritional plan. You can also add some high quality vacuumed and canned cat meals. Those contain the fines types of meat and carefully selected other ingredients. All those products will meet daily nutritional needs of your cat. There is a difference between adult cats and kittens, breastfeeding or lactating females and males and so on. Seek for an expert's advice and chose the best products for your dear feline.

If you've chosen granules for your cat and use it as a base of its diet, you can also make some good and healthy cat meals at home. Since they prefer meat, it could be a good idea to cook some for your cat. You should choose only high quality meat, cook it without additions and remove the bones. When it comes to other types of food, there aren't any your cats really needs, actually. Some veggies and fruits could probably benefit its digestion, but only in very very small portions. Cats don't need extra vitamins and such. They are predators and meat is what they crave for naturally.

Keep your bowel of popcorn away from your pet

When it comes to snacks and treats, the choice is quite limited. Cats don't crave for carbs as we do and they don't need our sugary or salty snacks to be satisfied. There are irresponsible owners who think it is a good idea to treat their pets with food from their own table, but they actually do them harm. Our food is usually to spicy and full of undesirable compounds for cats. House cats could get used to taste that sort of food, if you let them eat it, but it is bad for them.

Popcorn is to be strictly avoided. First of all, it is a grain basically, which is not necessary for cats. Too much grain means too many carbohydrates, which would most likely make your cat obese and ill. There are no nutrients in popcorn that cats need. Nuts like cashews are slightly better, but not necessary either. Never think of replacing your cat's protein food with some of plant origin! It will most certainly get weak and feel really bad, which would lead to more serious health problems. Microwave ready to made popcorn is particularly harmful to cats. Products like those contain additives that can cause your cat serious stomach problems and other health issues.  That makes popcorn really dangerous food for cats, even toxic.

Apart from its poor nutritional content, popcorn could be a real disaster to kittens and senior cats, in the first place. Popcorn pieces are difficult to swallow and digest, which could lead to serious choking hazards and such. Your cat may just want to play with it, but you really don't want to risk it starts nibbling it and eat.

So, turn on your favorite movie, serve your cat a good healthy portion of its granules or a few cat snacks you can easily find in pet stores, keep your bowel of popcorn for yourself and enjoy together! Include a PBJ too; peanut butter and cats aren't recommended together.

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