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Can Cats Eat Prawns?

Cats are carnivores, but that doesn’t mean that day eat only meat. There are also other foods in which cats are interested. The cats diet, as well as the human diet, should be varied.

Of course, the biggest part of the cats diet should be consisted of meat, but it’s recommendable to include also some vegetables or sea food. Below you will find out something more about prawns and which effect they have on cats. You can also read our article on whether cats can eat fruits.

What are Prawns?

Prawns are large crustaceans or shrimp which live in fresh waters, mainly throughout North America and Ireland. Prawns usually have big commercial significance in the fishing industry.

Is it Ok for Cats to Eat Prawns?

If your cat enjoy eating prawns, you don’t have to be worried. Prawns are not in the group of foods which are forbidden for cats. You just need to have in mind that raw prawns are the best choice for cats, but some cats like also cooked ones. Raw prawns contain high amounts of taurine, amino acid which is important in metabolism of fats. Also, raw prawns contain healthy enzymes and they are rich in proteins. Apart from having some healthy benefits, raw prawns are also very delicious.

How Many Prawns Should Cats Eat?

As we have said, it is okay to give prawns to your cat, but you should not do that every day. The only problem of giving prawns to your cat is a frequency and the amount of prawns you give to her. Cats can eat prawns occasionally. Prawns are rich in salt and they have high cholesterol level, so they may not be good for cats in the long run.

Also, prawns may contain heavy metals, because they are a sea food. We recommend you to give a couple of prawns to your cat per one week. Such amount wouldn’t do any harm to your cat. Sometimes one or two prawns are enough, but that depends on the size of the prawn. It is important to give your cat some prawns as an addition to her usual food. Prawns should not make up more than 10 % of cats diet, but some new natural cat foods contain 23% prawns, so that can be especially appetizing for your cat. You must have in mind that cats should mostly eat cat food and that prawns and other similar foods should be only an addition to cats diet.

When Cats Should Not Eat Prawns?

Even if prawns could be a delicious snack for some cats, there are also situations when you should avoid giving this food to your cat. Veterinarians often recommend that cats don’t eat prawns if they have some kidney problems, because prawns contain large amounts of proteins. Cats with kidney disease should have a low-protein diet, so you should avoid giving her prawns and fish. Large amounts of prawns and fish can be the main factor for many urinary issues. But if a cat is healthy, then there is no danger, so you can give her prawns from time to time and make her diet more varied.

Sometimes happens that cats start eating prawns as an occasional treat, and later they might have become addicted to prawns and want to eat them every day. When cats eat something they like, then it is very hard to get them off it. However, if you continue giving prawns her every day, then your cat won’t eat other food and won’t get all the necessary nutrients. Also, eating prawns regularly can cause some healthy problems to your cat. Also, prawns are pretty expensive food, so they are an expensive way for feeding a cat.

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