Can Cats Eat Raw Meat?

We all know that cats are obligate carnivores. Their diet is based primarly on meat. Meat provides all the nutrients that cats need. There’s no need to add some other foods to cat’s diet, but many cat owners enjoy sharing food with their cats. However, it is important to know that vegetables, fruits and other foods can be used only as occasional treats for cats. The most important part of cats’ diet should always be meat.

In this text we will also talk about meat, but we will be based on raw meat. Many cat owners are not sure if raw meat is good for their cats. Continue reading and you will find out, but first we will tell you some facts about raw meat that you maybe didn’t know about.

More about Raw Meat

Raw meat is referred to any type of uncooked muscle tissue of an animal which is used for food. It is important to know that the term ”meat” is referred only to mammalian flesh, while the words ”seafood” and ”poultry” refer to aquatic creatures and birds. The consumption of raw meat has grown during last few years. Eating only unprocessed and uncooked meat is called raw foodism.

Although raw meat has some benefits, it is a potential carrier of E. coli and other bacteria. Pregnant women and children should not consume raw meat.

Is Raw Meat Safe for Cats?

There are different opinions to this question. Some pet food companies consider raw meat very dangerous for cats, because it can cause salmonella, listeria, E coli and other harmful bacteria. On the other side, there are some cat’s diets prescribed by veterinarians, which are based on raw meat. Many vets claim that bacterial contaminants in processed meats can be very dangerous.

Also, according to this theory, cooked meat is much harder to digest than raw meat, because cooked meat contains salt and other ingredients which are added during the cooking process. Cooked chicken bones are the same. They can hurt your cats when consumed brittle.

How To Feed Your Cat Raw Meat?

Most cat owners are feeding their cats raw food diets, but it is important to buy meat from a trusted butcher. It is important to avoid meat which is commercially packed in supermarkets. When you buy raw meat for your cat, you should use it immediately or freeze it, because freezing can also destroy bacteria. It is also recommendable to add probiotics to the meat mixture, in order to improve the health of cat’s gastrointestinal tract. You can find probiotics in health food stores. Also, it is very important to sterilize all equipment after feeding your cat raw meat.

There are diets for cats which are based on eating raw meaty neck bones, either whole or ground. There are many variations of these diets, but all of them include raw muscle meat, organ meat from the same source and raw bones. Raw meat diets sometimes also include added ingredients, such as raw broccoli, potatoes, carrots and other vegetables, brown rice, grain or raw fruits.

How Much Raw Meat Can Your Cat Eat?

We recommend you to start with small doses of raw meat. First you can add a little amount of raw meat to your cat’s food. If there are no symptoms, it means that your cat is not sensitive or allergic to raw meat. Then you can give her larger amounts of raw meat, but don’t overdo the amount. It is enough to feed your cat raw meat once or twice a week. Raw meat can be a delicious treat for your cat. Have in mind that moderation is always the key of good health. If your cat suffers from constipation due to diet, olive oil can help felines in this problem.


Now you have seen several pros and cons related to raw meat diet, but you have to decide what is best for your cat. Cat owners should always have in mind that cat’s digestive system is more acidic than ours and cats have different nutritional needs than people.

Also, remember that each cat is different. Some of them enjoy eating raw meat, while others are not interested in such food. If your cat doesn’t want to eat raw meat that you are offering him, give your cat some other food. You should always consult your veterinarian before you offer a raw meat diet to your cat.

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