Can Cats Eat Shrimp?

There are numerous stories and beliefs about cats. They are often considered magical and mystery beings. In some cultures, cats are believed to bring good fortune and the opposite, in others.

However, there is something truly amazing about them and you can hardly stay indifferent to their elegant, silent moves and captivating big eyes. You may like them or not, but you surely must confess they are fascinating. Whatever it may be, cats can be really good pets.

Yes, they are independent and self-willed beings, but they can also be so cuddly and adorable! There are two different beings hidden in your amazing feline. It is both fierce and ruthless hunter and playful, sweet kitten. Cats love to play and cuddle, but only if they are in mood for it. However, if you treat your cat with all the love and care it deserves, you’ll make yourself a truly devoted furry friend. Cats can be affectionate pets, the same way dogs are. There are numerous stories about great connections between cats and their owners.

Cats are demanding pets, just as other animals. Even if it is quite clever and skillful, you need to take a good care of your pet. House cats will rely on your unconditional love and care you’re about to provide it. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, you have to provide your cat the best possible living conditions. It needs a space to play and rest, it needs to be active and nurtured in a right way. Don’t leave it alone for long periods of time. Neglected cats are sad and depressed, which may affect their physical condition as well. So, a warm home, regular vet check and healthy nutrition would be good base for a long and happy cat’s life.

How to feed cats?

Those cute fur balls are obligate carnivores. All cats descend from some prehistoric wild cat specie that used to hunt to survive. In fact, all cats still do so. Their bodies are designed to catch small prey animals and to extract all the necessary nutrients from their meat. Water is preferable to milk, even if it is soy or coconut milk. Cats need a lot of protein, some vitamins and minerals and few other compounds. While your cat most likely won’t go hunting, except you’re living in a house with yard, you should still provide it the same nutrients.

Purchased food products are often advised. Those products are made to meet every cat’s individual nutritional needs. There are various types of dry, vacuumed or canned cat food. Those are designed according to every animal’s needs. There are products for adult cats, older and weak cats, pregnant and lactating females, kittens and other. There are also special products for each cat breed.

You can also feed your cat some homemade food. In that case, you should be extra careful when selecting viands. Since your cat needs meat, you should buy only high quality products. Never serve it raw, because your cat can get poisoned from dangerous parasites and bacteria that can be found in raw food. Always make sure it is well cooked. Don’t serve your cat cold meat, processed meat products or too hot meal. Cats can be quite picky when it comes to food.

Crunchy shrimps as a delicacy

Shrimps may sound as a really good cat food. Well, yes, they are completely okay to feed your cat once in a while. Cats are carnivores and shrimps are meat food, so your cat might like it. Shrimps contain a lot of proteins, which is really beneficial to your cat. On the other side, they also contain a lot of sodium and cholesterol, so you shouldn’t serve it too often.

The other reason why shrimps are to be considered a treat is that your cat may get used to it and thus avoid its regular food. Eating only shrimps is not good for cats. It does provide some essential nutrients, but the bad ones as well. So, stick to a regular diet plan and treat your cat with some good, tasty shrimps once in a while.

Cats generally like seafood, so shrimps could be a good healthy treat. Never serve it instead of your cat’s regular food, but only as an addition. Unlike other meat food, shrimps do not have to be cooked before serving them to your cat. You don’t even have to heat frozen shrimps up; just make sure they are defrosted. Cats are generally aware what’s good for the, so they are not likely to devour a tone of frozen shrimps! You might have to think twice when it comes to feeding your cats tuna, though.

Imitation shrimp, made from white fish meat, can also be fine for your cat, but should be considered only as a treat. If your cat likes it, you can safely feed it some fake shrimp once in a while. As for real shrimps, you should always clean its digestive tract. You don’t have to remove the head, tail or legs. They are quite soft and safe for your cat and it will enjoy crunching them up.

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