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Can Cats Eat Spinach?

There is a common saying a cat has nine lives. This beautiful and skillful animal surely knows how to care for itself, indeed. Cats are extremely agile, intelligent and fierce beauties. We love them for their bright big eyes, their soft and shiny fur and their proud character. Many people would say cats are our owners and masters and not the opposite. Whatever it may be, we all agree they deserve a lot of respect and admiration.

Despite of just being beautiful and clever animals, cats have been our friends from the earliest times, as well. They are great and ruthless hunters, so people would often rely on their almost unmistakable tactics of hunting small prey animals, which are usually considered pests, dangerous to our houses and food supplies. Cats hunt mice, rats, small birds, even snakes. Ancient Egyptians raised them to their gods’ pantheon, being thankful for cats’ remarkable actions of protecting their homes, temples and food.

If you consider getting yourself one of these beautiful animals, you should thoroughly go through your own conditions and abilities. You’ll need a lot of time and patience to satisfy your godlike furry friend and meet its essential needs.

However, cats are quite adaptable animals. They can get used to live in an apartment, without lurking outside at all. If that is the case, you need to provide it space enough to explore and run around, some toys and constructions to climb on and play and other. You should also spend a lot of time with your pet. Cats are independent by nature, but once they make a connection with their humans, they could become really affectionate and loving.

Feed your cat properly

Once you’ve introduced a new four-legged friend to your home, make sure nothing is missing for its full satisfaction. Beside regular vet check, living space and some grooming, nutrition is the very base of every pet’s healthy, happy and long life. So, feed your amazing feline food that meets its individual needs. First of all, a cat is a carnivore. It needs proteins from meat in order to grow and develop healthy.

Most veterinarians would suggest you feed your cat ready made cat food products. That is the best and very practical option, indeed. Those products are carefully formulated according to all cats’ necessary needs and individual characteristics of particular groups. They contain inevitable meat proteins, some vitamins and minerals and other ingredients your cats needs. There is a great selection of quality products for old and gentle cats, pregnant and lactating females, young and active pets, adults and kittens, as well as some for particular cat breeds.

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Purchased food is a great solution. However, you can still make your cat some good homemade meals. You can feed it both ready to eat cat food and home cooked meals. Choose quality meat and cook it well. Don’t risk with raw meat, it could contain dangerous bacteria and parasites that would get your cat serious food poisoning and everything that goes along with it. Cats and popcorn also don’t go together.

Can cats benefit from eating spinach?

Cats are obligate carnivores. Vegetable of any sort is not on their menu. A cat most likely would not even taste greens, except it has some stomach problems. Cats seek for herbs and grass in order to reduce digestion problems, ease stomach pain, bloating or else. Otherwise, they are not interested in eating veggies. However, some cats may try food other than meat, due to their curiosity or their owners’ bad habit to feed them anything.

Well, what about spinach? Can cats benefit from it? Actually, yes. Spinach is on the list of cat friendly veggies, which also includes green beans, broccoli, peas, corn, zucchini and other. Those vegetables are even recommended to be included in diet plan for overweight cats. It doesn’t mean you should feed your cat only spinach, if it is overweight. Keeping to its regular diet plan, with a good proportion of needed nutrients and spinach, it could help your cat lose unnecessary weight and be healthy. Spinach is known to be good for immune system and it prevents aging, which can also apply to cats.

Don’t feed your cat raw spinach. A small portion of steamed or cooked spinach would be great. You can offer it alone, but be ready it might just sniff it and walk away. You can mix it into your cat’s regular meal. So, spinach is not poisonous to cats and it could be beneficial, if taken rarely and in really small amounts.

However, you need to take certain precautions. The best advice is to see a vet first, if your cat is obese and you want to regulate its dietary plan or you consider feeding it spinach for other reasons, such as aging, immune system boosting or else. For example, if your cat has kidney problems, spinach is to be avoided. It contains too much calcium, which is bad for its urinary tract. However, stay away from raisins as they are toxic to cats.

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