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Can Cats Eat Turkey?

Cats are truly incredible beings. They are agile and energetic, cunning and very skillful. Cats know how to take care for themselves, but they can also be the dearest and gentlest pets. Despite common thinking they are evil and selfish cat owners all around the globe would say they are very affectionate and loyal pets, as well as dogs.

Whatever the truth may be, be prepared for their royal attitude. Cats don’t like to be dressed down; they will most likely rebel and stand for their rights. Cats can be obedient and kind as well, but only when it suits them.

Jokes aside, cats are intelligent animals and they can be taught to obey the rules. They can also be cuddly and playful and they enjoy their owners’ attention. Cats are proud by their nature, but they are also gentle and a bit fearful and mistrustful beings. You need to nurture your cat with all your love and devotion, in order to gain its trust and make yourself a dear, kind, satisfied and happy pet. If you treat it right way, your lovely feline will certainly have a long life, filled with joy.

Cats are not good pets for everyone. You need to be prepared for a lot of scratching, running around and hide-and-seek games with your new friend. However, it can also be entertaining and you can spend a great time playing with your cat! It takes a lot of devotion and patience to help a cat get assured you won’t hurt it. A cat needs more time to get bound to its owner, but once you make a connection, you’ll have the most wonderful and cuddly friend ever.

What does a cat eat?

Cats eat meat. They are natural hunters and carnivores. They enjoy hunting small prey animals, such as rats, mice and some little birds. While some consider it quite disgusting, cats occasionally bring their trophies to show their owners before they eat it! However, that’s one of the reasons cats are much respected as pets. They keep away pests and make people houses and supplies safe.

So, cats do not need various nutrients to keep their bodies in good shape. They don’t need a lot of minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates, while proteins are essential to their organism. Water is enough, although cats can drink soy and coconut milk occasionally. You can feed your cat purchased food, designed especially for your cat’s individual needs. There are different products for kittens, pregnant females, older cats, young and energetic ones and various cat breeds.

If you feed your cat food prepared at home, a meal should consist mainly of meat (chicken, turkey, beef and blue fish). Cats need food rich in proteins and essential fatty acids. Their food should contain some vitamins and minerals and to be low in carbohydrates. Proteins are especially important for kittens, pregnant and breastfeeding females and cats who are recovering from illness.

Turkey on the menu

Your cat can join you in traditional home festivities and enjoy some delicious turkey slices! Yes, turkey meat is completely safe for your cat, if you serve it proper way, of course. Your cat will most certainly love it.

Since cats are carnivores, there are several types of meat very beneficial to them. Seafood (one of the exceptions being tuna) as well as turkey are on the list, too. Turkey meat contains a lot of essential proteins cats need to be healthy, energetic and to grow and develop normally. It provides important and valuable nutrients and some elements your cat’s organism cannot produce on its own. Taurin, which is very important to them, comes from meat food, such as turkey.

Raw turkey meat can be dangerous and poisonous, because of the parasites and bacteria that could be found in it. So, you can serve your cat cooked turkey meat and some Thanksgiving turkey slices, as well. However, do it in moderation and avoid fatty bites. Cats need proteins from turkey and essential amino acids. Too much fat would only make them gain weight and you don’t want that for your pet. Obesity in cats leads to diabetes and other serious health problems.

When feeding your cat some cooked turkey meat, always make sure you removed all the bones. Cats are hunters and they would normally eat the whole prey. However, small birds or mice bones are easy for them to crack and digest, while thick turkey bones can be difficult and even harmful for their bodies. A cat would naturally start to crunch through them, but you don’t want to take a risk, really.

Furthermore, your cat does not need turkey meat on a regular basis. Keep to ready made cat food, which is formulated to meet all its essential needs, so you can treat your cat with some delicious turkey slices once in a while. Don’t feed your cat sliced cold turkey meat from a grocery store. It is not good for them, since it contains a lot of sodium, preservatives and other additives, in order to last longer.

On the other hand, it has just a small part of benefits that come from freshly made whole turkey.