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Can Cats Eat Watermelon?

Did you know cats literally sleep over about 70% of their entire lifetime? Those beautiful and agile animals really love their siesta and would most likely grab every good moment to get some napping. Cats are either very active or sleepy. There is no grey fields in a cat’s life, it’s all blacks or whites. Their amazing skills and adorable looks made them so popular as pets.

Cats have been adored since the earliest days of human civilization. In some of the greatest historical imperia they even ascended to the thrones of gods. We are all familiar with historical evidence speaking of cats worshiped in Ancient Egypt. Cats have always been seen as protectors of our homes and gentle, cuddly pets as well.

Nowadays, cats are amongst the most popular pets on Earth. According to some studies, they are even more commonly taken as pets than also popular dogs. Felines are truly beautiful, with their bright, sparkling eyes and wonderful, soft fur. It is not surprising many people find them irresistible! Cats could be really dear and affectionate pets, if treated with care, love and respect they deserve. If you consider getting a cat, please be aware it is not so easy to take care of it, even if cats seem so independent and self sufficient. A domesticated, house cat demands a lot of attention and care from you and your family.

In order to grow healthy and lead a long, fulfilled and joyful life in your home, a cat needs to be provided with some basic necessary conditions. An apartment cat could be totally satisfied living in your flat, without going out at all. If it has a space suitable for its playtime and rest, it won’t lack lurking outside at all. A cat’s living space must be kept in order, since a cat is quite clean and tidy pet. A cat requires regular and proper veterinarian checks, physical activity and a good nutrition plan. It also needs your company and love. Don’t take a cat or any other pet if you’re not sure you’ll have enough time and patience for all of its needs. Cats might be independent by nature, but they also love to cuddle and spend time with their human friends.

Feeding your cat

As you already may know, cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they eat only meat. The occasional non-meat like cinnamon is not immediately bad but is also not beneficial when made part of a cat diet. They share eating habits with their big wild relatives and they don’t require much of other nutrients than those coming from meat. Domesticated cats are natural born hunters and their original diet consists of meat from small prey animals. Cats usually hunt rodents, birds, fish and in some cases, lizards, snakes and such. Animal meat proteins are essential for cat’s entire body development. It is required for proper functioning of cat’s organs, for their muscle tissue development and for keeping its body in good shape, generally.

Since you probably won’t cook meat meals for your dear furry friend every day, the best solution is to feed it commercial granulated cat food. Fortunately, there are really various healthy and well balanced products for your cat. Beside granules, vacuumed and canned ready made cat meals are also good to be included in your cat’s diet plan. All those products provide your lovely pet all the necessary ingredients it requires to grow and develop healthy. There is a great deal of good cat food products for each type of cat, depending on its breed, size, age, gender and other characteristics.

Cats don’t need other viands in their diet. While some owners think it is so good idea to treat their cats with leftovers from their table or their snacks, you should know it is not a good idea. There are ingredients in food suitable for humans that could be really dangerous to cats. On the other hand, cats are picky and they won’t eat just about anything. However, house cats could get interested in viands unnatural for them, so be really cautious.

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Watermelon disaster

You probably enjoy watermelon season and eat a bunch of them during hot summer days! It may come to your mind to treat your lovely feline pieces of this watery, refreshing fruit. Some people think what’s good for them could also benefit their pets. There are rare fruits and vegetables cats will enjoy or benefit from and watermelon is not really amongst them, sadly.

Watermelon is packed with water, of course. It is good for rehydration both to humans and animas, but have you ever seen a cat eating melons on its own? Watermelon flesh is not dangerous to cats, but its seeds are. Watermelon seeds contain dangerous cyanide. Taken in larger amounts, this element could cause serious health problems to your cat. So, if you want to give your cat a slice of watermelon, remove all the seeds first.

On the other hand, watermelon is quite sugary for cats. Cats don’t require any sugars in their diet! Keep in mind your beautiful, cuddly feline is a hunter and meat eater. Cats are not vegetarians and you should never use veggies or fruits to replace their normal food!

Too much sugar is harmful for cats, even healthy, natural sugar, coming from fruits. Their organisms are not tolerable to this element at all. Eating too sweet food would get your cat digesting problems, if not more serious health conditions, such as obesity and diabetes.

So, enjoy your refreshing watermelons on your own! Don’t share it with your cat – there are far better choices to treat it safely. Peas and cats are also treated the same.

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