Can Dogs Be Depressed?

We are accustomed to see dogs as playful animals that try to brings up, and have us spend time with them and play around. But, just like people dogs can get depressed too.

The biggest problem is that, we can't ask them how they feel to find out what is bothering them. Most of these cases are noticed when there is no other explanation to their behaviour.

In this article, we will try to offer you information about this condition and it's causes.

Symptoms of dog depression

Dog depression syptoms are similar to the syptoms that people experience. One of the most common signs of depression is withdrawal and inactivity. So, if your little friend shows no interest in playing around or he seems not interested in anything, depression might be the cause. If he also changes his eating and sleeping habits, perhaps he's avoiding his meals, if he can't sleep or sleeps too much, than these are also symptoms of doggy depression. It is also different than when your pooch is just feeling guilty.

He can also be avoiding activities that he used to love doing, and rather spend time by himself. On the other hand, all of these symptoms, can also indicate that your dog has some kind of medical problem, which he is trying to warn you about through his behaviour.

Some possible causes of depression

Like with humans, big changes in dog's life can lead to depression. Some of them might be moving away, addition to the family like a baby or a new spouse, or maybe another pet friend.

Since they are very attached to us, perhaps if a owner gets a new job, that can also cause his dog to feel a bit sad or lonely. But, the most common cause of dog depression is definitely loss of his owner or another pet friend that he was close to. He might not be getting the attention that he is used to, so when his owner passes away he shows his unhappiness through depression.

Everyone that has ever had a dog, basically knows when he is not feeling like himself. If you have a good relationship with your pet friend you will be able to notice these changes, and react on time.

Knowing the difference

It is very important that, if you notice anything strange about your dog, to contact the veterinarian. All of the syptoms that I've mentioned above can also be an indication that your dog feels pain, or that something is wrong and he doesn't know how to express it.

Since you will probably be able to notice these signs, always check in with your vet, to exclude any possible medical conditions. Sometimes a small change in his behavior can be very significant when it comes to his health.


If his owner feels depressed, big possibility is that his dog will feel that way too. They pick on any signs that we send to them, so when they see that their owners are not playing with them or not paying them enough attention, they will also start to feel a bit down. They will start to miss us, and the only way they can show it is through feeling the same way as us. What experts recommend in this case is, that you give your best and pick up that leash and take your doggy for a walk. This method is very therapeutic, and it's being used to treat depression not only in dog owners but also with people that never had pets before.

So, if you notice anything strange about your canine friend, than make sure to check in with your veterinarian to make sure that his depression isn't linked to any medical conditions. After that, if any other reason can't be found then you should start giving your furry friend a little more attention. Try to cheer him up by giving him his favourite treats, take him for a long walk, let him feel close to you and protected. And hopefully you will start to see him go out of this poor state.

Always keep an eye on him, and doubt any small change in his behaviour, because maybe this small change can be a big deal for your canine friend. And in the end, try to bring his mood up, just the way he tries to cheer you up every day.

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