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Can Dogs Drink Tea?

They have been our loyal companions for centuries, they’ve been helping us in the most difficult times and they were always there to give us unconditional love and support. Yes, they are dogs. There are numerous accounts on their incredible deeds and faithfulness. Some dogs are even historical figures, known in popular culture all around the globe. Dogs are our pets, our friends and helpers. If you love animals and think of adapting a dog, you will certainly make a buddy for life.

Every dog, regardless of size, breed and type needs to be nurtured in a proper manner. You need to comb their hair, take care of hygiene in their living space, feed them carefully selected food, take it out for a walk, play with it and so on.

So, dog is not a temporary fun for you, your family or your child. It is a demanding pet that needs a lot of care and devotion. If you want to have healthy and happy pet, thoroughly consider your abilities and conditions.

What do dogs eat?

Dogs must have well balanced diet, which provides their body all the necessary nutrients. When you think of feeding a dog, consider it feeding a family member. That does not mean a dog can eat everything you do. It means you should take special attention to the choice of the food for your dog. They are not suited to eat human food, although some owners regularly feed their dogs leftovers from their own table. That is, to say, completely irresponsible.

Dogs can eat both homemade and purchased food. The base of their diet is meat, although they are omnivores, used to eat plant food as well. If you want to prepare well balanced meal by yourself, you should know what proportions of nutrients does your dog needs and know that you should stay away from soy sauce that isn’t good for dogs. It depends on its breed, size, gender, age and other characteristic. It is best you seek an expert’s advice and plan a good diet for your pet. All in all, it must contain a good proportion of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.

You can also opt for purchased dog food. You can easily find good quality products made particularly for your type of dog, so it could be the safest option. Ready made dog food usually contains all the valuable nutrients that meet your pet’s nutritional needs. Enrich your dog’s diet with some fruits and vegetables (even bell peppers!). It will promote its digestion and prevent constipation. Just take care of the amounts and read advices on particular viands.

Benefits of tea for dogs

What do dogs drink? Dogs need fresh and clean water. It should be always available and frequently changed. Never leave your pet’s water bowl empty.

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Some owners doubt if they can give their dog some tea. There has been a lot of discussion over the matter. Some studies show there are herbal teas beneficial to dogs’ health, just the same as they are to ours. Some companies even started producing special herbal teas, made exclusively for dogs.  So, yes, they can have it, but you need to get well informed about herbs good for your dog.

For example, chamomile tea is very good for your pet. It can help reduce stomach problems, including sickness, vomiting or bloating. Combined with some other herbs, it is good for pregnant females. Chamomile is known to sooth irritated skin and reduce itching or inflammation. It is also good for healing wounds. All of this applies both to humans and dogs.

Echinacea tea can also be good for your pat. It enhances immune system and stimulates toxin extraction from the body. You can help your dog get resistant to viruses and bacteria by giving it some Echinacea tea. However, some dogs might be allergic to this plant, so consult a veterinarian before you decide to serve it to your dog.

There are other herbal teas that could also improve your dog’s health. Ginger tea, green tea, rooibos and licorice tea are all proved beneficial to dogs. However, tea contains caffeine, which can be harmful for dogs. They would need a lot of tea to get sick, but you need to make certain precautions. Let’s say five cups of tea could be dangerous. So, tea is safe and beneficial to dogs in small amounts and as a natural remedy.

You can make tea drink for your dog the same way you do it for yourself. Place a bag of tea into a jug and pour some boiling water. Let it brew for about five minutes, then remove the bag and stir the tea. Always let it cool down completely. Never serve it hot, because it can harm your dog. You can let it cool to room temperature or add some cold water. The best option is to serve it unsweetened, but if your dog really won’t drink it, you can add a teaspoon of honey.

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