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Can Dogs Eat Avocado?

There are lots of concerns about the kinds of foods that are harmless for the dogs. Obviously, different people have different views on the benefits of some particular foods. And one of these foods, regarding which many dog owners have doubts, is avocado.

Perhaps, your own dog has some undesirable experience with the consumption of the avocados. On the other hand, other dog owners may have told you that their doggies have eaten lots of avocados but faced no problem. The truth is that not all the dogs are same, and thus, the level of safety of any definite food may depend on the size of a specific dog, its allergies and physiology and the amount of food it consumes.

You possibly like to have the flavor of avocados; however, giving it to any pooch may be a question. In order to make everything clear, here is a discussion about the effects of consumption of avocados. You can also read our article on dogs and chocolate, another food notorious for their toxic effects to animals.

Overview of the fruit

Avocado is produced in a tree Persea Americana, which may have the height of sixty feet. These are, moreover, referred to as the alligator pears due to the dark green leathery skin. Most of the people have taken pleasure in avocados for several years. The proof the old avocado had been traced in one Mexican cave. At present, they are developed in the various subtropical and tropical regions. In the USA, many avocados nowadays are produced in Florida and California.

In spite of having the tasty green flesh, the avocados, at time, get some bad status as the highly fatty food. However, during the last few years, this negative character has got removed and the fruits have turn out to be known as one of the healthiest fruits. A fact, which you should remember, is that the fruit has much monounsaturated fat, and it is harmless fat, which can reduce the level of cholesterol.

Persin as the source of confusion

An avocado is, in fact, the most excellent fruit, which can offer necessary nutrients to the cats and dog.

But, persin is the compound, present in the found in the skin, pit, leaves and bark of avocado. Persin is detrimental to a number of animals, like rabbits, birds, goats and horses. However, till now, there is no case that reports about the poisoning of dogs, due to the ingestion of avocado. If your feline and canine friends take pleasure in eating the avocado, you may get relief in knowing that persin will not harmfully affect your dogs.

Nutritional facts about avocado

The avocado offers lots of nutrients to dogs’ body. The fruit, in fact, has attained the position as superfood in case of humans in recent years. They are nutritious for dogs and also humans. The beneficial fats, present in the fruit of avocado, enhance the health of skin and offer glossy coat to the dogs. The anti-inflammatory elements and several antioxidants are present in Omega fatty acid of avocados, and it improves the immune system.

The fruit is also enriched with potassium, folate, potassium and fatty acids along with some other components that are necessary to create an excellent skin as well as good general physical condition. From every standpoint, the avocado seems to be the healthiest fruits in the world.

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The proper nutrients in appropriate amounts are essential in order to maintain the healthy skin of the dog. Keep in mind that the problems in coat and skin are not merely cosmetic. The conditions, like loss of hair, thinning coats, lifelessness, dry or thickened skin, tangled hair, bugs and odors may generally be noticed due to the excess or shortage amount of nutrients. Indeed, there is possibly no other perceptible sign of issued with the dog’s overall health, except the trouble in coat and skin. It is a fact that most of the elements, which a dog wants for the good skin, may be available in high quantities in the amazing fruit, that is, avocado.

How to give avocados to dogs

It is one of the common recommendations that before giving the pooch an avocado for consumption, you have to take out the bark, leaves and seeds. It may help the dog to eat only the flesh of avocado.

It is particularly important to remove the pit prior to feeding the fruit to the doggie as it may obstruct your pet’s stomach, esophagus and intestinal zone that may lead to very serious health risks, which will risk the life of your dog.  The pit is like small ball, and it may also cause choking hazard.

However, if you make some questions to the vet regarding the topic, they will possibly encourage you that the instances of the bad effects or diseases for dogs because of consuming avocados are uncommon.

The terrible situation may take place, when your doggie takes a huge quantity of the flesh of avocado in a single meal. It can cause the stomach upset.

Many of the pet owners allow the doggies to eat the avocados. A number of people have also cultivated these fruits in the garden, while other people also add the fruit intentionally into the diet of the dogs in order to improve the coats. Moreover, there are also some popular brands that manufacture the dogs’ foods, based on avocado. And for all these reasons, people are likely to consider that avocado is suitable for many dogs.

Thus, it may be said that though avocado is not much poisonous, you should try to help your dogs in avoiding the pit and plant-based material. However, it is also seen that on the basis of testing and research, the canines’ food that consists of avocados seems to be secure (although you can better check the kind of the avocado that is used, when you are truly worried). Another point, which is to be considered, is that avocado has high amount of fat. And although this is the beneficial fat, a dog may still have the possibility to have increased weight, while you allow it to consume large number of avocado. You can look at other beneficial food, like soybeans which are safe for dogs.

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