Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

As the modern people nowadays try to include the natural foods in the everyday menus, they also like to treat their adored canine pets in the same healthy way. The main reason for it is that many of the studies have proved that some of the commercial-standard dog foods are dangerous for their pets.

While you are also searching for some natural foodstuff to feed your faithful companion, banana may seem to be one of the acceptable options. Most of the dogs take pleasure in the sugary taste of the bananas. Still, there are also some doubts about the healthy value of banana to a dog. We'll discuss that here. You can also read our discussion on giving figs as dog food.

Banana – What nutrients are present in it?

Providing your pet with a little bit of any banana may give it a delicious treat and various dietary benefits as well. Bananas have high amount of vitamin C and potassium.

Potassium is such an electrolyte and mineral, which functions inside the cell of the body to control the function of enzyme and keep up the strength of muscles and nerves of different parts of the body, include heart. Besides, potassium may also be helpful to sustain the best possible balance of fluid in the body of your dog.

Being water-soluble, Vitamin C will not remain stored within the body. Rather, the vitamin moves across the kidneys. It is then excreted while your pet urinates. Since the vitamin is seated in the bladder of the dog, its urine becomes more acidic in nature. It is useful to keep away from the bacterial development, which may cause infections in bladder. Vitamin C may also boost up the immune system of the dog. Moreover, it also has some function in the formation of the bone in the growing pups.

Bananas have very low level of sodium; they have antioxidants, which have the ability to avoid some of cancers and to preserve your pet’s healthy coat and skin.

Natural sugar to give energy to the dogs

Bananas have also soluble carbohydrates in significant amount, and they can get transformed into natural sugar within body. It leads to the enhancement of energy that may be useful for those dogs, who want to do active work and hunt something.

You may think of buying banana chips and choose those, which don’t have any extra sugar.  Such kinds of treats may be the best reward to your dog, while you are giving training to it.

Natural food treats must be chosen rather than commercial-level dog foods. These commercial treats may be full of risky preservatives and chemicals, which may shorten the lifespan of the canine creature.

For the bananas as well as the other fruits, the dog may get some benefits. Offer it every treat with care or it may end up eating potentially dangerous amount of carbohydrates and potassium. A banana of about one inch can be offered every day, and this is excellent for most of the large and the medium dogs.

Are the banana peels safe for your dogs?

This is a question, which is often asked by the dog owners. In fact, it is seen that the peels of banana are valuable to your four-legged companions, irrespective of the species. In a research, it is noticed that the peels contain necessary fatty acids and these are helpful for the dog. The fatty acids may also be efficient to treat the rashes of the skin, and keep the skin clean and healthy. Besides, this banana peel can also be excellent to combat the fungal diseases.

Only wipe on peel on concerned area two times every day until the disappearance of the infection. In addition to it, the peel also has high level of vitamin A and B6. Such vitamins may help to sharpen the eye sight of the dog and retain a strong nervous system. In contrast to the fruit banana itself, the peel includes forty percent potassium. Obviously, potassium is another mineral, which is very excellent for the nerves, kidneys, digestive mechanism, heart and muscles to work well. Potassium may also assist in maintaining balance of water and the sodium levels of dog’s body. Besides these vitamins and minerals, banana peel can also offer lutein that is extremely efficient at curing degenerative eye problems in aged dogs.

However, some studies have suggested a number of facts that are contradictory to the above points. Banana peels may have bacteria, thus, it is better to remove this skin prior to offering it to the pet. You do not essentially need to cut the banana, however banana pieces may be the ideal size that is to be utilized as meals.

Again, according to some experts, it is not good to feed the canines loads of bananas simultaneously. Occasionally (one or two times per week) feeding the large or average size dog a single or two bananas may be acceptable. In case of the smaller breed, a half portion of the fruit may be enough.

Digestive issues related to the consumption of banana

In fact, most of the veterinarians recommend you to give banana to the dogs only in small quantities, especially, when the dogs have colitis and bowel issues. Banana has some enzymes that can alleviate a disturbed colon. It may also hold back the spasms.

Moreover, it contains adequate sugars for cheering a dog that needs a boost because digestive disorders. An approach, which is very delicious for the dog is by slicing a small banana pieces, and then cover them in one spoon of the peanut butter. Such process is appetizing and healthier for all the sizes and breeds of canines. Too much consumption of banana, however, may lead to the loose stool. Thus, always be cautious about it. Because of the presence of high amount of potassium, when eaten in high amounts, banana may be dreadful for the dog. Only give it a small piece every day.

Cooking idea by using banana

The oven needs to be preheated to nearly 300°F. You have to mix up some constituents, including in one bowl. Leave this for almost five minutes. With the use of a tablespoon, ladle sufficient dough for rolling into twenty four balls. Apply the rear part of a spoon in order to push down the balls to a two-inch level disc. Heat it for about forty to forty five minutes. Then, let it cool for some time. You may store the dog meal in some sealed storage box in the fridge.

Excessive level of banana may cause diarrhea. The best way to prepare for the delicious treat for a dog is by making use of the bananas, by cutting it and wrapping it within some peanut butter. Though banana is good for a dog to some extent, you must keep your dogs away from the banana chips. Generally, these products are manufactured from several sulfites. They may be very dreadful for the doggies. You must also confirm that dog has not eaten banana peel, as it is already said.

Besides, you may take some recommendations from the vets, who are very proficient at dealing with the health conditions of the dogs. Your dogs may also have the specific needs that need to be taken into account by the experienced vets.

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