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Can Dogs Eat Blueberries?

Tail-wagger, pup or pooch- these are a few of the several names that are applied by us for your best furry companion- dogs. These creatures are known to us mainly for their faithfulness. With the passing of years, these canines have developed into lots of sizes and shapes though they always grasp a position in the mind of several families. In fact, dogs are one of the significant members in a family. Their physical condition is always taken sincerely by the pet owners in order that they may live a healthy and joyful life.  The diet of any dog is limited to only the kibble, rich in nutrients to keep up health. However, the question is whether the berries, especially the blueberries are completely safe for all the dogs.

You know that all the foods, which are eaten by humans, are not beneficial to the dogs. Many of these human foods may also be fatal or toxic to the canines. Careful dog owners must always verify this prior to adding unconventional foods to the diet of a dog. Or read articles like this, our discussion on dogs and zucchini, and more.

Blueberries Are Nutritious

The canine nutritionists and the veterinarians have found out that a blueberry is harmless for your dogs, only if it is given in moderation amount. This fruit is often comprises in many of the commercial-level dog treats and foods. Moreover, blueberries have very low amount of fat but they are rich in fiber and vitamin C and fiber. Though there is no definite research, which has verified that blueberry is really helpful to your pup, some of the studies have ensured a number of encouraging effects, obtained for providing the animals with blueberries. Moreover, in another study, done by Alaska Fairbanks University, some sled dogs have fed the fruit as the nutritional supplement at the time of doing workouts. The outcomes proved that these dogs had gained an increasing amount of antioxidant substance in blood that averts the harm, caused due to free radicals. It can give a desirable effect on the dog because antioxidants have some function combating the conditions, like heart issues and cancer.

Blueberries may also be helpful to the aged dogs since they assist in the improvement of cognitive functions. Moreover, as they have silicon, they can also help in the renewal procedure to the pancreas of dog.

Other species of animal, for example, deer and grizzly bears, consume the berries, in their natural habitat. The major factor about the safety of eating blueberry is the amount that you offer and also the way how you provide it to the dog.

Do Dogs Like the Taste of Blueberries?

One of the major challenges regarding the consumption of the blueberries is whether the dog of a definite species will really prefer to gobble blueberries. Just as humans, most of the dogs drift down towards the foodstuffs, which are not much fine for them. Indeed, who may blame these creatures? However, in terms of the usual diet of a dog, they are not intended to be contented by those things, which are sugary.

When you place some blueberries on the ground or attempt to offer one berry to your dog, you should not get stunned if the pet shows some hesitant feeling towards the taste and leave it with disgust. Though there is sweetness in the berries, these fruits have a little bitter flavor, which is distasteful to some dogs.

Accidental Consumption of the Fruit

There is always some chance that a pet may eat blueberry by mistake, especially, while it remains outdoors. When this thing occurs, it is not expected that there will be any long term damage to your dogs because a wild blueberry is usually safe them to consume.

How Much Blueberries to be Given

The blueberries may better be regarded as some occasional meal, rather than an everyday supplement. Moreover, amount of this fruit, which you have to give your pet, depends mainly on weight of the animal. But, 10 blueberries or something less than that may be acceptable for almost all dogs except the smallest breeds. Excessive number of blueberries can lead to the gastric problem as well as diarrhea. Always be careful about the reaction that your dog, while it is fed with blueberries for first time. When your pup has some record of digestive or stomach issues, you must not provide your dog with the blueberries, unless you speak to your vet first. While you have confusion on how much blueberries need to be given to the dog, you can ask for guidance from the vet.

Way to Offer the Blueberries to the Pet

Offering cleaned berries in raw form is the most excellent approach to provide your pooch with the fruit. Most of the dog owners offer the furry friend frozen blueberry as a crispy meal.

You do not like to offer Spot blueberries, which are added the foods for humans, for example pancakes, muffins or pie. The trouble is not, in fact, the berry itself; this is the extreme amount of sugar present in the sweet diets. Dogs must not take human food that contains high sugar level. Rather than choosing such syrupy treats, you may to make blueberry-based dog treat in your own way.

You have to make certain that all the blueberries are fresh and clean. Do not feed the moldy, old or the rotten fruits. If you do not like eat them, then why should you give them to your dog?

Blueberry Based Products for Dogs

It is an amazing fact that as a blueberry has the capacity to give benefits to your dogs, some of the dog foods manufactures have planned to add these blueberries as the component of the dog food products. If you like to but these foods that have flavor of blueberry, one of the most excellent option is to go for biscuit treat. In the biscuits, made for dogs, you can find considerable amount of antioxidant properties. In addition to this blueberry flavor, there are also other tangs, like pomegranate flavor in the biscuits. Many of the dog owners have found these biscuits to be most suitable for their dogs. Your pet will never feel uncomfortable with any of these foods.

Thus, you have now got the solution to your question- Are blueberries riskless to a dog? The answer is obviously- Yes. But, moderation is obviously the major point that is to be remembered while feeding blueberry or any other fruits to the dog. Although no unfavorable responses have been informed extensively, your pet may respond in a strange way to some new kind of food. Thus, excessive feeding of some kind of dog treat is never recommendable.