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Can Dogs Eat Brussel Sprouts?

Our dear, lovely for-legged friends certainly deserve all the attention and appreciation we give them. Dogs are truly humans’ best friends! There are hardly other animals that would be so loyal and devoted to its owner than dogs are. That is why dogs have often had prominent positions throughout human history. Yes, there are some really notable furry fellows who helped us reach some of the greatest goals of civilization. Dogs had travel into space for us, helped us rescue people from difficult situations, they’ve always supported us in many other ways and, nowadays, they are some the most favorite pets in the world!

Dogs are cute and loving living beings, but you need to be aware they are quite demanding as pets. You can’t just get a dog and expect it to grow healthy and satisfied, unless you provide it all the necessary care it needs. Dogs demand good living conditions and space and activity according to a particular breed’s characteristic. All dogs need their humans’ love and devotion, all the time. If you get yourself a dog, make sure you are able to provide it all it needs for a healthy development.

Getting a dog means getting a new family member. So, you need to play with it a lot, provide it enough physical activity, take care of it whet it is sick or sad for any reason. You should always provide your dog regular vet checks and all important medical procedures, grooming and well balanced diet plan. A good diet is a half path of staying healthy and strong, both for us and our pets.

Choosing the best diet for your dog

Choosing the best possible diet plan for your sweet puppy is essential thing when it comes to its growth and development. Not just physically, a good diet always impacts mental health and emotions as well. Well, dogs are not exactly thinking beings as humans, but they still have feelings and intelligence they have to keep in good condition. Since you certainly want to have a healthy and happy pet, consult a vet and get it the best nutrition, based on its individual characteristics. That way, your pet will feel good, healthy and satisfied in every imaginable sense of speaking.

Ready made, canned, vacuumed and dry dog food is always the most advised option to feed your dog. Those products are carefully balanced to meet each dog’s individual nutritional needs. You can always seek an expert’s advice to choose the best for your pup. Each dog has different needs, depending on its age, gender, physical condition, breed and other factors.

Beside commercial food, dogs can eat some food you make at home. However, don’t think you can feed it leftovers from your table and such. Dogs can eat meat food and some plant viands, which means veggies and fruits, as well as some grains. Your dogs can eat dandelions sometimes. You should always thoroughly rinse food meant to be served raw and carefully prepare other. No spices, no additives and no additional fat. Your dog can’t process it and it will most likely get stomach problems if you feed it your own spicy and processed human food.

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Are brussel sprouts good for my dog?

When it comes to vegetables, there are plenty of them your dog can safely eat. Brussel sprouts are on a dog friendly veggies list.

However, pay attention on amounts. Brussel sprouts won’t do any harm to your pet, but it can get it bloating and cause very uncomfortable gassy issues. The smelly ‘situation’ we face when digesting sprouts is the same for dogs!

Brussel sprouts could actually be beneficial to your dog. They are known to be full of very useful and beneficial nutrients. They are extremely good for bowel movement and they contain considerable amounts of healthy vitamins, both for us and dogs. They are also full of dietary fiber, which is good for digestion and it prevents digestive tract from constipation.

When it comes to the way of serving brussel sprouts to your dog it is best to feed it cooked or steamed brussels. Raw sprouts are more likely to cause digesting problems and really severe wind breaking, which you certainly don’t want. So, boil them for about ten minutes or steam it for five. Your four-legged buddy will really enjoy them if they stay a bit crunchy! Always choose firm, green and fresh sprouts, remove stems and wash them thoroughly before preparing.

So, brussel sprouts are good and healthy for your pet. If you keep to its regular diet plan in general and feed your pet according to veterinarian advice, based on your pet’s individual nutritional needs, some good, fresh, healthy sprouts would make an excellent and beneficial treat. It is always better to choose some good vegetables over human snacks to treat your pet. It will most likely enjoy its taste and stay healthy. Seeds like quinoa are also healthy for dogs.

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