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Can Dogs Eat Capsicum?

Most of us like to add some peppers, like bell peppers to our food. They can make our cooked quite tastier. Moreover, these peppers have also strong positive effect on our health condition. Thus, when they are suitable for our body, we think that they are also good for pets. But, is it right to add these peppers to the treats of dogs?

The consumption of the bell peppers or capsicums are really safe and harmless for any breed of doggie. If you produce this vegetable in your garden, then you will perhaps see that your pup is quite interested in that vegetable. You will surely be amazed to find that most of the dogs like capsicums, no matter what the color is–red, green or yellow. In fact, this color never matters anything to a dog. The pet loves to eat sweet peppers. However, are these peppers completely riskless to any dog?

Nutritious Value of Capsicums

The capsicums have beta-carotene, fiber, folate, phosphorus, manganese and various vitamins, like A, E, B or K. Besides, vitamin C is also present in them. Dogs may be able to consume them in raw form. However, in order to ensure that your pets have got all the nutrients, available in the capsicum. That is why you have to cook the vegetable. Or, you may also crush them, using a food processor or a blender. It splits all cell walls, present within peppers. Thus, your doggie may digest the food in a better way.

The capsicums belong to the nightshade categories, together with potatoes, eggplants (can dogs eat eggplants?) and tomatoes. Some vegetables are related to the inflammation for the pups, which have arthritis. But, bell peppers never consist of solanine that is the poisonous alkaloid, and it is one of the issues of these plants.

In fact, as they have antioxidant properties, huge amount of vitamin C and the component capsaicin, the capsicums are very often helpful to people, who are suffering from the arthritis. Besides, capsaicin may generate anti-inflammatory or analgesic effect. This is available in many of the hot spices (never recommendable for any dog). Though the bell peppers have not much spicy features, an arthritic dog may still get benefit from them.

Which Bell Peppers Can be Better?

It is already said that the canines can undoubtedly consume peppers, particularly, the red colored ones. However, any color may be suitable for their body. The red bell peppers contain more nutrients and vitamins than that of the green and the yellow ones. These are full of vitamin E and C and other nutrients. And, it may be better for a dog to eat the capsicums occasionally.

Bell peppers may be offer to your pups at all the phases of their development. But, some research has proved that the vitamin C and the carotenoid content in these vegetables are likely to improve while the peppers are completely matured. These peppers also seem to be more palatable while become ripe optimally.

Avoid Excessive Amount of Capsicums

It is to be remembered too much fruits and vegetables are never good for your dogs of any species. You can read our article on dogs eating fruits for more information. When you are going to feed the dog bell peppers in excessive amount, you may find your dog, suffering from diarrhea as well as other related stomach problems.

The reason behind it is that the digestive organs of the dogs have been made to treat meat or animal protein and not huge quantities of fruits or vegetables. Surely, it never signifies that you must not offer your doggie any kind of pepper. In other words, the dog must eat the peppers in reasonable quantity.