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Can Dogs Eat Caramel?

If you are a dog owner, you are probably concerned about your dog’s diet. You have the responsibility to keep your dog healthy and to provide him a diet which is rich in nutrients. Can they eat human food? Can pups enjoy zucchini? By their nature, dogs are scavengers and they could eat large amounts of food in every time. Sometimes you probably want to share your favorite meal with your dog and you want to give him something delicious and unusual, like caramel.

It is interesting that many dogs enjoy eating caramel. They are often attracted by its beautiful aroma and they often tend to grab caramel candies from their owners. But, is caramel safe for dogs and can it have any side effects? In this article we will answer to these and other similar questions. First we will tell you something more about caramel.

More About Caramel

Caramel is a confectionary product which is made by heating various sugars. Caramel varies from light to dark-brown color and it has a unique flavor, which is different from ordinary sugar. Caramel is usually used as a flavoring in many desserts. Also, caramel is used as a topping for ice cream and for giving a unique flavor to certain types of bonbons or chocolates. Caramel has not nutritional value and it provides empty calories. Except of a pleasant flavor, caramel has no health benefits for people. But, what will happen if we give caramel to our dogs? You will see the answer below.

Is Caramel Safe for Dogs?

If your dog has eaten caramel, you don’t have to panic immediately. Caramel is not on the veterinary list of the foods which are toxic for dogs, so dogs can process it well. But, although it is not toxic, it doesn’t mean that caramel is beneficial to dogs. Caramel contains sugar which is not good for dogs. Because of that, you should avoid giving caramel to your furry friend. If you give too much caramel to your dog, it can lead to obesity, diabetes or others health issues.

Sometimes caramel is used as an ingredient in dog food, but in a very small percent. We could say that caramel is safe for dogs if they eat it once in a while. It should not be a part of daily dog’s diet and it should not substitute dog food. Caramel doesn’t contain nutrients which are necessary for dog’s health. Also, if you give caramel to your dog every day, the dog can become addicted to this food and that is not good.

Side Effects of Eating Caramel

Excessive consumption of caramel can cause some side effects, such as vomiting or diarrhea. In that case we recommend you to starve your dog 24 hours, but give him water. The next day you can also give your dog a few small meals during the day. The second day you should return your dog to his normal diet. Apart from diarrhea and vomiting, side effects of eating too much caramel can be pancreatitis and diabetes. If you notice some usual symptoms after eating caramel, you should seek advice from a vet, as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

As you have seen, caramel is not recommendable to be a part of your dog’s diet. So why not focus on quality food as other Amazon buyers have decided to follow. Sometimes you can use caramel as a treat, but not as a whole meal for your dog. And you have to be careful about the amount of caramel that you give to your dog. Not only you should avoid giving caramel to your dog, but you should also avoid giving him caramel popcorns and other similar products made of caramel and other sugars.