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Can Dogs Eat Cereals?

A dog. Man’s longtime friend and loyal companion. Numerous dog owners and people who love them will give you thousands of reasons why those amazing animals are good to be taken as pets. Many people would like to get a dog and want to learn basics of dogs’ nurture and keeping. Dogs are sensitive living beings that need a lot of devotion and patience. If you decide to get yourself a dog, you should consider it a part of your family. In order to make yourself a wonderful pet and friend, you need to provide it all the necessary conditions.

Dogs are demanding pets. They need a lot of space and physical activity, well balanced diet and regular medical care, in the first place. They should never be neglected or considered a temporary fun. Your dog should be your friend and you need to take a good care of it. Never leave it on the street if you get bored or you find out you don’t have time for it! Young couples who plan a baby should thoroughly consider getting a dog before they do that. If you have children, get to know what dog breeds are the most suitable for them.

How to feed dogs?

By its origin, dog’s digestive system is designed for meat food. Being humans’ companions for centuries, dogs got used to various viands including salami, even when they shouldn’t be. Modern diet for dogs includes both meat and plant food. They need good, well balanced diet, in order to grow and develop normally and healthy.

Nowadays, granulated and canned or vacuumed, pre-produced dog food is commonly used as the main ingredient on the dogs’ menu. There is variety of products, especially designed for various dog breeds, years of age etc. There are special products for older dogs, puppies, dogs with some health problems, pregnant or lactating females, working dogs and many more.

Daily needs of a dog depend on its breed, age, gender and other individual characteristic. Beside purchased food, dogs could eat homemade meals. Always consult veterinarian before starting any diet plan for your dog, to make sure it gets all the essential nutrients. Dogs should also eat some fruits and vegetables, which promote their digestion. You can even begin with radishes. Check out which are good and follow experts’ advices on frequency and amounts.

Should dogs eat cereals?

Dogs do not need an excessive amount of any grains. Grains contain too much carbohydrate which is not inevitable to dogs. Too many grains will most likely make your dog fat, especially if it doesn’t have enough physical activity. Any food containing grains would lead to obesity, if given in larger amounts. Sure grains contain useful fiber, but their other compounds are just not suitable for dogs.

When it comes to ready made grain food, such as cereals, you need to thoroughly consider its ingredients before offering it to a dog. Yes, it would love it, of course! There are really not so many viands your dog would refuse. Many owners feed their pets leftovers from their meals, but experts say it is not good. If you’re not ready to spend enough time and many preparing or purchasing food appropriate for your pet, then just don’t get a dog. It needs a healthy diet, based on its particular nutritional needs, in order to be healthy and satisfied.

Cereals usually contain too much sugar, which can be harmful to your dog. Sugar can lead to diarrhea and get your pet stomach ache and other problems. On the other hand, too much sugar would make your dog fat and affect its blood composition, so never give it large amounts of any food containing it. Sweet food is delicious to dogs, but they are not suited for digesting it.

You should stick to a steady diet plan, based on ready made dog food you purchase in pet stores. Occasional servings of other food could be good for its digestion and a good treat. Cereals are not poisonous and dangerous in terms your dog will get seriously ill eating them.

However, it’s not dogs’ food. You can give your dog a couple tablespoons of cereals once in a while, but there are plenty other treat options.  If your dog really likes cereals, try to keep to really small servings and pick cereals with lower sugar content.