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Can Dogs Eat Crab?

Dogs are the very first domesticated animals by men. Since times deep into the past dogs have been by our side, helping us and sharing with us their unconditional love. Dogs have always been our loyal companions. They helped us herding flocks, hunting and protected us from wild animals. They are still our house keepers; they safeguard our homes and say the arrival of guests. Dogs are also used as supporting and working animals. They have prominent positions in military and police, safeguard organizations and medical institutions.

They are also the most popular animals taken as pets. Along with cats and smaller cuddly animals, they are loved by many people. Dogs make us smile, we love to play and cuddle with them and so on.

However, they are not just for fun. If you take dog as a pet, you need to be sure you are able to provide it all the necessary care and living conditions. You have to have a space big enough for a dog, enough time, will and patience to treat your pet a way it deserves.

All dogs need special attention. Particular way of nurture depends on your dog’s breed and other characteristics, including age, gender, size and its health condition. Before getting yourself this amazing animal, get very well informed. You want to choose a dog that is suitable for you and your family. For example, if you are an active, young person, you can get an energetic, playful breed. On the contrary, older people should chose older, calm and mild dogs of a more gentle nature.

Feed your dog in a proper way

Your dog needs a proper diet, designed especially to meet its nutritional needs. Basically, its diet needs to provide it proper proportions of all the necessary nutrients, which means proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. You can feed your dog homemade food or dog food you purchase in pet store. Dogs were exclusively carnivores once, but as they spent so much time with humans, they got used to other viands. Dogs also eat some plant food, including fruits, vegetables and a bit of grains. Dogs enjoy seaweed as much as humans do.

The best option is you combine different types of ready made dog food and enrich it with some fresh fruit and vegetable. You can also mix purchased food and homemade food. Please never feed your dog cheap meat, especially raw. It can be extremely dangerous and get your pet serious poisoning, even fatal. Dishes with soy sauce also isn’t recommended because of its salt content. As for fruits and vegetables, try to use organically grown food, to reduce risk from chemical poisoning. In any case, you should always wash is just as if you would do for yourself.

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Some crabs for dogs?

Yes, dogs can eat some well cooked seafood products, such as cooked crab meat. However, you always need to take certain precautions. Dogs cannot digest all the food the same way we do. So, even if your pet can eat some food you eat, you need to prepare it in a special manner.

Crab meat can be beneficial to your pet if given in moderation. As you certainly know, it is a rich source of protein and other valuable compounds, beneficial both to humans and dogs. Crab meat is particularly good for older dogs. It can enhance their energy level and make them more active, thanks to considerable amount of very useful amino acids. It is also good for dogs’ fur, skin, bones and other.

On the other hand, crab meat is high in sodium and cholesterol, which can be harmful for dogs if eaten in larger quantities. Those compounds are difficult to digest and their lodging in dog’s organism could lead to cardiovascular problems in dogs. You surely don’t want it for your pet, so be cautious. Some dogs can also be allergic to iodine, which can be found in crab meat. It is not very common, but keep an eye on your dog if you feed it some crab meat for the first time.

The conclusion is positive on crab meat. Dogs can eat crab meat in moderation and it could have really beneficial impact on their health. Follow the important instructions on serving it. Always serve it fully cooked, unsalted and without additional fat, such as butter or else.

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