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Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers?

Almost all of us are very conscious about our eating habits to prevent overweight or any other health issue. And it is applicable for your dogs also. Consuming the healthy food, like cucumber, may be good for the obese dogs. In fact, most of the dogs like to eat cucumbers. Still, there are a few questions about the nutritious value of the cucumbers to the dogs.

Some experts have claimed that the cucumbers are completely safe for any breed of dogs’ diet. In fact, there is hardly any complain about the adverse effects of the consumption of a number of cucumber by dogs.

Fruit with lots of water

A fresh cucumber, taken from plant, contains lots of amount of water.  Moreover, the skin of the fruit has also the plant nutrients, namely, the phytonutrients.

In addition to it, the fruit also consists of the antioxidants. Besides, cucumber is an excellent plant product, which can offer B vitamins.

Kills bacteria of dog’s mouth

As phytochemcials are present in cucumbers, it can destroy the bacteria inside the dog mouth. Thus, the ingestion of cucumber is beneficial to the dogs in this respect. Besides, the bacteria also cause the bad breath from your dog’s mouth. An addition of the cucumber to the diet in small quantity may be a good option.

Other nutrients in cucumber

The juice of cucumber consists of a hormone that is necessary to the cells, present in pancreas to produce insulin. Obviously, insulin is highly valuable to any diabetic patient. The scientists have observed that a substance, known as sterols, is present in cucumbers, it has the ability to lessen the level of the cholesterols. Cucumbers are full of magnesium, potassium and also fiber. All these elements work efficiently to regulate the pressure of blood. That is why cucumbers are good to cure low and high blood pressure.

Moreover, from cucumber, your dog can get some silica that is useful to promote the health of the joints, by reinforcing connective tissues. This fruit has also the vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin D along with folate. While combined with the juice of the carrots, it may alleviate arthritis pain and gout by reducing the level of the uric acid.

The cucumbers are not any protein-based food. But, it never denotes that it is not the food for dogs. As more than ninety percent of the fruit is covered with water, there is no poisonous substance, which is harmful to your canine friend.

In fact, there is also no data, which mentions about the detrimental qualities of the fruit. Obviously, the cucumbers are actually fruit although these are sometimes also called as the vegetables as they are green and added to salads.

Many specialists never recommend table food for the pets. But, the fruit, like cucumber, in the original condition, must not be referred to as the table food. In fact, raw fruits are completely natural rather than man-made. A cucumber develops in your garden and not on any table.

How to give cucumber to the doggie?

Start to give the dog reasonable number of the bits of cucumber. It may be the healthier treat for your dog. Thus, you can replace the common cookies of doggie with the cucumber because the cookies consist of artificial tangs, chemical colors and many other harmful additives. Indeed, when you like to have good food for dogs, you can choose cucumber.

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If you have been given two options- a cucumber and a manmade processed dog food (containing grains), you may choose the fruit.

Cucumber is such a food, which has enzymes. It has also very low quantity of calorie. If you have concern that the cucumbers may cause diarrhea to your dog, you can remove that fear. And when it happens unfortunately, it may be just the temporary effect of the body, which has received lots of processed foods.

Similarly, a human being, who is not accustomed to the consumption of excessive fruits, can also suffer from diarrhea for a temporary period. When the fruit is incorporated into the diet continuously for some days, the diarrhea may get stopped, and the movements may also become better and softer.

According to many, canine animal is omnivore, and there is, in fact, no practical reason for which the dog must not receive a number of raw fruit and vegetables in the diet. Moreover, many of the foods for dog include vegetables. The vegetation in raw form is the most nutritious option to choose.

The complete part of the cucumber may be given to the dogs of bigger size. However, it is better to provide them in only small amounts just as other human food. The fruit may also be cut and combined with the food of dogs. Though you can try it as a stimulating snack, you do not need to feel hesitant to allow the dogs indulge in it! Please keep away from adding any kind of seasonings into the fruit.

Some pet owners want to nourish the dogs with small cucumber pieces only as the treats. Such kind of idea may be healthier option than providing the dog biscuits since cucumbers never contain unhealthy and calorific ingredients, found in cookies.

Potentially poisonous vegetables for dogs

Although the cucumbers seem to be risk-free fruits to most of the dogs’ breeds, some other vegetables or fruits are perhaps not so much benevolent. Thus, you have to take every step with care. If you are not sure of the safety level of a human food for the pooch, you may discuss with your vet about any query that you have. A range of the foods, which may be toxic to canines, are the leaves and stems of potatoes, rhubarb leaves, onions, raisins and tomato. All these plant products must be excluded from the dog’s diet. Some, like pistachio, are not exactly toxic, but might lead to choking.

Thus, among all the fruits, you can choose cucumber for the nutrition of your dog. In fact, you may include this fruit as the component of the salad, made for your dogs.

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