Can Dogs Eat Curry?

For thousand years people have been using spices as food and medicine. Today curry is one of the most popular spices all over the world. Many people enjoy curry because of its wonderful flavor and many health benefits. But, there is a question if curry is suitable for dogs or not. Can you give your dog curry meals or these meals can be harmful to your dog?

In this text we will tell you something more about curry and its effects on dog's health. You can also read our article about cranberries and dogs.

More About Curry

Curry is a traditional dish which comes from the Indian cuisine. It is made up of complex combinations of herbs and spices and it usually contains fresh or dried hot chilies. Dishes called “curry“ often contain meat or fish in combination with vegetables and prepared in a sauce. Apart from these dishes, the term curry also referrs to a curry powder, a mixture that is commercially prepared of spices. Most of us use a curry as a delicious spice which improves a taste of our dishes.

Also, there's no doubt that curry has many health benefits for humans, but what about dogs? Is this spice also beneficial for dogs or it can be harmful to them? Continue reading and you will find out.

Is Curry Safe for Dogs?

The answer is no. Curry is not on the list of foods toxic for dogs, but generally spicy foods are not good for them. It is known that spicy foods can cause some difficulties to dogs later. Dog's digestive system is delicate and it is not suited for hot spices, such as curry. It is not recommended to give curry to your dog. Too much curry and other spicy foods usually cause diarrhea, vomiting and other problems in the gastrointestinal tract of dogs, like loose stools and upset tummy.

Curry sometimes also contains garlic and onion, which are toxic to dogs. They can completely destroy dog's blood cells and lead to anemia. The symptoms of anemia include vomiting, breathlessness, weakness and little interest in food. If your dog has already eaten curry and he starts refusing water and food or becomes lethargic, you should consult your veterinarian as soon as possible. In most cases, it is nothing serious and you don't have to panic, but sometimes dogs need a special medical treatment. If you have given curry to your dog and there is no reaction, it means that his gastrointestinal tract has accepted this curry. An occasional small dose of curry can be okay, but eating curry every day and consuming large quantities of this spice can cause poisoning and even lead to death. However, you should not give curry meals to your dog, because dogs are not generally tolerant to spicy foods.

Also, there's no point in giving spiced meal to your dog, because it does not contain the nutrients that your dog needs. We can say that curry has no nutritional value for dogs, so it is practically useless for them.


As you have seen, you should avoid giving curry to your dog. Actually, it is not recommendable to give your dog any spices, if you want to keep him healthy and lively. The same goes for many others that we enjoy, like caramel.

Although your dog maybe likes curry, have in mind that dog's digestive system is different from ours, so your pet can get some health issues after eating curry. Because of that, you should stick to high quality dog food and avoid spicy foods at all. You should ask your vet to recommend you a quality food for your dog. Remember that healthy and well balanced diet is the most important.

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