Can Dogs Eat Dandelions?

Dandelion is a weed also known as Lions tooth, Priests crown or Pigs snout. We can basically find it everywhere, and it is native to Euroasia and North America. Probably most of us consider it to be a stubborn root that always spreads around our garden or lawns, but dandelions are also beneficial to our health, and a lot of people use it as a medicine.

Since a lot of natural medicines can be used on our pets, in this article we will find out if this stands for dandelions too.

Nutrition facts

Dandelions leaves, roots and flower has a lot of nutritional benefits, including vitamins C, D, K, A and B complex. Mangoes are also a source of these vitamins.

It is also rich in iron and phosphorus, manganese and many other minerals. Our bodies as well as animals can process it easily and it is a great supplement in our diet.

Health benefits of dandelion

Both in human and in animal diet, dandelion is a very beneficial plant. He is mostly used for digestive problems. He also has antioxidant effect and can also improve immune system.

Dandleion is also high in lecithin that helps with coronary artery disease and lowering bad cholesterol. He helps with digestion and stimulates appetite so if your pet friend is having some trouble with eating, try giving him this healhty weed.

Also dandelion is ideal for canines that have chronic indigestion and gas. Since it acts like a diuretic, we can use it to treat arthritis, kidney stones, congestive heart failure and gall bladder condition in people, as well as in dogs. Potassium that we lose through urination can also be replaced with the one found in dandelions. Waste material in our body can be removed with dandelion use as well. Since it is also antioxidant, dandelion will help us to detoxicate and clean our liver and kidneys.

The ways we can use dandelion

This healthy weed can be used in many different ways. These days we can find it as a tea, as a dried plant or tincture. Tea is usually made by using 30g of dried herb that is infused in 8oz of water. You can give this mixture to your dog by mixing it in his water or food.

Depending on your dogs weight you can use (fresh dandelions) 1/3 of a cup for every 20 pounds of your dogs body weight, and this is used 3 times a day. On the other hand, if you use dried herb then use a teaspoon per every 20 pounds of your dogs body weight.

Also, since it is a diuretic, make sure to take your dog regularly out so he can relieve himself. And try giving him a smaller dose to see his reaction to it.

So, after getting more informations about this plant, I can assume you won't be rushing to remove it from your backyard or lawn. Dandelions are recommended for any type of digestive problem, as an antioxidant that can help you clean your body of all the bad things and also your dogs body. Since, it is a natural remedy there is no danger in using it in your dogs diet to help ypur furry friend feel a little bit better if he has some of these problems.

Make sure to check in with your veterinarian if you are not sure whether to give him the remedy or not. Don't go too overboard and always give him the right amount according to his body weight, just to make sure he doesn't get sick. And I guess, sometimes we can find the best things in our backyard, without even knowing they are there.

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