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Can Dogs Eat Dates?

Dogs are the oldest domesticated animals and our companions for millenniums. They are popular as pets, guardians, helpers and dear, cuddly friends. A dog is not a toy for a temporary fun; it is a sensitive and loving living being. A dog can feel joy and happiness, as well as fear. It can suffer and be happy, as well as we do. Therefore, you should carefully consider if you have enough time, patience and will to make a place for a new member in your family. For example, a dog is not a good choice for young couples who desire a baby, because it often ends up left on the street or somewhere in the countryside. Those are some of the worst scenarios for dogs.

If you’ve decided to have a dog, you should provide it the best care it requires. It depends on the size, breed and other characteristics of a particular animal. However, every dog should have good accommodation, physical activity, health and aesthetic care and a proper diet plan.

Some basics of a dog’s diet

Dogs are carnivores. However, a long time spent with man made them used to the human’s food. The food that is good for humans usually tastes good to our pets and they are likely to eat the most of it. Unfortunately, many products of modern food industry can be very harmful to dogs. They contain supplements that are dangerous both for humans and dogs. The thing is that a dog is less aware of this fact then we are, so it would simply eat it. Many processed meat products and canned goods are protected from deterioration by various of chemical agents, with the addition of colors, emulsifiers, additives, artificial flavors etc. All of these can be dangerous in larger amounts.

There are some basic principles of good nutrition for dogs. Meals must be prepared so that the dog gets all the nutrients it needs for normal development and long life. Every meal must contain proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Food must not contain any harmful substances, such as chemicals from industrial humans’ food. It also applies to spices like pepper and mustard.

The amount and composition of food should always be adjusted to age of a dog. You can choose different diet plans to feed your dog. It is completely ok to feed it only industrialized food, made especially for dogs, both in dry or wet form. Also, feeding it only local prepared food is a good choice. Mixed menu of two mentioned food variations is one of the best solutions. If you use commercial food, make sure it is adjusted to the age, weight, sex and other characteristics of your pet. Food should be always used by the manufacturer’s instructions.  The best advice is to consult a veterinarian about the nutritional needs of your pet.

Fruit on the dog’s menu

Fruit is more than desirable for a healthy dog, but you should pay attention on the amount. Your dog can eat most of the fruit humans eat, such as apples, watermelon, bananas and other. Most dogs enjoy eating fruit. It is not strange to see a dog to try to reach fruit such as apples, pears or nectarines from the branches.

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Too much fruit could cause stomach problems and diarrhea. A couple of bites or small portions should not be a problem, for fruit was one of the natural dogs’ sources of nutrients in the wild. If a dog has the access to fruit trees in the yard, it could be difficult to prevent it from overeating, especially during summer and autumn season. Dogs can be completely unreasonable with the fruit and they will sometimes continue to eat it even if it gets them diarrhea.

Are dates good for dogs?

In general, all fruit is good and useful to dogs. It makes their bowels active and helps the digestion. Dates are good choice, but just take care of the amount. They are full of dietary fiber, which is very important in your pet’s nutrition. Dates also contain a considerable level of iron and magnesium, which are necessary for a healthy development of a dog.

So, dates are safe for your dog. However, you should consider a few advices when giving dates to your pet. Dates are high in sugar and fiber, so large amounts could cause stomach discomfort and diarrhea if given in large quantities. Food that is high in sugar will also badly affect dog’s teeth and make it hyperactive, so keep to small portions of dates only once in a while.

Dates should be given pitted. Date pits seem not to contain poisonous cyanide, like other fruit, but they can get stacked in dog’s intestinal tract and cause it discomfort. A couple of sliced dates, without pits, will be beneficial as an occasional treat. Soft papaya is good for your dog, too.

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