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Can Dogs Eat Edamame?

Dogs have won our hearts over thousands of years ago. They were our hunting buddies once and they’ve remained by our side since ancient times. In modern times, dogs are often taken as pets, but also keep some prominent positions in very important services and professions, such as police and military service, medical care, exploration and rescuse service and many more. They are the best friends to many people. It is hard to resist their charming and playful nature. If treated and trained right, dogs can really be like family members to many households.

Dogs are sensitive and intelligent animals. They are living beings and not toys for children game and temporary fun. You should always be aware of that, if you considering taking a dog and introducing it to your family. Dogs can experience suffering and sadness and could even get depressed, if treated in bad manner.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of irresponsible people who just throw their pets away, when they conclude they have no more time to pay attention to them. There are many sad dogs left on the streets and they can become dangerous, as well.

So, be a good and responsible owner and get well informed on commitment you’re about to take. A dog is a demanding pet. It needs and deserves your unconditional love, in the first place. The most important conditions have to be provided in order to have happy and healthy dog. You should provide it a good living space, regular medical care, good nutrition and grooming and a lot of time for play and walkouts, of course.

The best nutrition plan for your dog

All dogs were once meat eaters. Having spent so much time hanging with people, dogs gradually adapted to eat some viands other than meat. That doesn’t mean they can eat everything and that you could safely feed it leftovers from your table or some other human food.

Dogs are omnivores now, but that just mean they can process some plant food, beside meat they would normally eat. Be careful and well informed, because your four-legged buddy will most certainly eat anything you toss in front of its nose and it could be harmful to it. Human food is not necessarily safe for dogs.

Many veterinarians usually suggest you feed your dog some high quality granules and some good vacuumed or canned dog food products. Commercial food is a good choice for a base of your dog’s diet plan. This is because those products are carefully designed to meet each dog’s individual nutritional needs. Of course you shouldn’t feed a poodle the same way you would feed a roth, for example! So, hose products contain a well balanced proportion of valuable and important nutrients for every particular dog type.

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In addition to commercial dog food, some homemade food could also be good. You could cook some high quality meat, some grains and such and also give your dog some fresh fruits and veggies once in a while. This can be nutritional and good for your pet’s digestion, if prepared and served in a good way.

Avoid spices, salt, sugar and other additives that can be found in the most of processed humans’ food. Those are harmful for animals, because their digestive tract is not designed to digest and use them. Dogs are also lactose intolerant. Food like yogurt isn’t suggested for your canines.

Unique edamame beans as an occasional treat

Generally speaking, edamame is not so common food for the most of the Westerners. It is a product coming from soybeans, usually boiled and frozen. The secret about edamame beans is that they actually represent soybeans harvested at their peak of ripeness. Edamame is nutritional and very tasteful, but not so frequently eaten. Well, dogs don’t care about origin of the food they eat, so they would most likely try some of this interesting food.

According to some reports, edamame is safe for dogs, but it is not really necessary for them. There is nothing to worry about if your dog eats a portion of this strange food, but there is no actual reason for you to serve it to your pet. It is not harmful, but not beneficial, either.

Edamame could be prepared in many ways, as snacks, in salads and sandwiches or served with various seasoning. It is familiar to many cultures round the world, but still is a kind of mysterious food in the Western world. As for dogs, it is not an essential or important part of canines’ diet, anywhere in the world.

So, this healthy, exotic food is safe for dogs, to say. If you prepare it for yourself and decide to give some to your dog or it accidentally come up to it and eat it, just monitor its behavior. If it appears ok, you could even consider feeding your four-legged friend some edamame beans once in a wile. Make it a healthy occasional treat. Some plant food could actually be good choice for dog treats, if you regularly keep to your pet’s normal diet plan and serve it in small portions.

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