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Can Dogs Eat Eggs?

Eggs are one of our favorite foods, which we often find at our breakfast tables or during lunchtime. Perhaps, we eat it to please our taste, but while consuming it we get incredible amount of health benefits. Though it is quite inexpensive food, we get from it not only animal protein but also vitamin and minerals. Eggs are thus definitely the valuable and nutritious foods for our health. But, can eggs be given to a dog in raw or cooked form? This is one of the debates that you may find among many dog owners. Now, the clear discussion presented below may remove all the queries.

When we talk about eggs, we generally mean chicken eggs as these are common to most of us. However, there’re some other eggs, in which, yolks consist of more amount of cholesterol, fat and various nutrients. Some of these eggs are duck, turkey, quail, goose and also ostrich eggs. While you get any of the stated eggs, you may use them very easily. Turkey, ducks and goose eggs are quite bigger in size; thus, alter the number of eggs yolks, consumed on every week in view of that. Quail egg is very small; on the other hand, an ostrich egg’s size is almost parallel to about 2 dozen of chicken eggs. Thus, when you only like to get one, hit the yolk portion and get it with a tablespoon. However, in case of dogs, the effects of any kind of egg seem to be equal.

Basics of your dog’s diet

Some veterinarians say that doggies are omnivores, while others state that they are carnivores. But, most of these veterinarians have the common opinion that dogs always require very high protein content for best possible health.

Some dog owners like to provide their pets with homemade items, such as, raw food or fried pork. However, eggs may be regarded as an outstanding supplement to any pre-packed diet.

Beneficial effect of eggs

Now, let’s know about the nutrients in eggs and the related health benefits. Eggs have a significant amount of animal protein that is always a vital portion of a balanced diet for puppy. Fatty acids, present in an egg, give lots of health benefits, such as, skin improvement. Eggs may lessen dry, flaky skin and enhance the glow of your pup’s coat.

The skin of many dogs often looks very dull, especially if there are parasites or when you have not washed its coat regularly. In that case, use the yolk of a number of eggs and combine it into their food every week. Extra protein or fat, which may be found in their foods, is the major requirement of dogs. When your doggie’s coat stills looks pale after one month, the possible cause is the lack of nutrition. You must discuss with a vet for some other troubles.

Can dogs consume raw eggs?

Dogs are able to consume raw eggs. Only break that egg in a bowl; then, crush up its shell. Your canine friends do not have much possibility of suffering from salmonella and e. coli due to their small, compact digestive paths. While you have concerns on giving raw eggs to your dog, you may attempt to boil the egg. Then, chop it into pieces; do not give cheese or butter with it.

There has been recently a buzz on the eggs, bought from grocery. These eggs are infected with salmonella, a horrible bacterium, which may lead to food poisoning. You know that egg yolk is the best place, where salmonella may thrive. But, there are some evidences, which prove that only few bacteria are present in eggs. However, it is already mentioned that dogs are competent to deal with those small bacteria. Thus, when you store those eggs rightly and utilize them on time, there may not be any problem. While a doggie is old, ill, pregnant, you have to steam egg yolks prior to serving it. Be careful serving them fruits though, as pomegranate can be toxic to them.

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Precautions while giving raw eggs

Though raw egg is no problem to your dog, you should not give it to a dog that has infections, cancer, and some other severe health disorders because the immune system of such dog may turn out to be very fragile. Eggs have high amount of fat; thus, flabby dogs must have only few eggs on a week.

Egg yolks not only contain cholesterol and fat but also minerals and some vitamins, like vitamin H or B7 and biotin. If these vitamins are not present in your dog’s body, it may lead to a dry coat, skin disease and loss of fur. While your pup has any allergy to eggs or prefer the taste of eggs, you may try to give it some carrots as carrots also have a considerable level of biotin. In fact, they contain low calories.

Number of eggs to be given to a dog

Though eggs are quite beneficial to dogs, there are a number of recommendations on the number of eggs that you have to give to your doggie. First of all, you should remember that eggs may not be considered as the major food of your pup’s diet chart. You do not need to offer eggs to a canine pet every day.

Besides, never give more than one egg per day. Only a couple of eggs on a week are acceptable. If you have not observed any kind of digestive problems and stomach distress, you may continue to provide eggs to your pooch.

Side effects on eating eggs

It is a fact that most of the foods have some kind of side effects, and obviously, eggs are no exception in this case. Though there is nothing too grave that may happen to your dog for consuming eggs, you have to be careful. Some of the potential adverse effects that may be noticed in your dog’s body after eating eggs are-

  • Increase of weight – As the eggs of any animal contain high level of fat (that is mainly present in yolk portion).
  • Passing gas – It is another problem that your dog may experience after eating eggs. Thus, whenever, you will feed a doggie some eggs, you are likely to get horrible smells all over the place.

Thus, we may conclude that as eggs are inexpensive and obtained with no trouble, they may be added to dog’s diet to offer nutrition to the pet. Overall views of different vets prove that the huge health benefits from eggs obviously compensate all possible risks. No matter whether you are giving chicken eggs or goose eggs to your dogs, you may provide your dog with almost same benefits.

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