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Can Dogs Eat Kale?

Dogs are some of the most popular animals all around the world. That is certainly not without a good reason. In fact, there are numerous factors that made them so appreciated and loved! Dogs are some the first domesticated animals by humans.

Once upon a time, we needed each other to survive the cruelty of Mother Earth and pave our path to civilization. We shared the same shelter, the food, the support and love for each other. The bound which was made so long ago still remains strong and we love our dear four-legged friends even more. It seems.

Nowadays, dogs are commonly taken as pets, both in the countryside and in big, fast mega-cities of the world. There are really various types of dogs, so you can decide to adapt one that best suits your living circumstances and other of your preferences and such.

However, never consider it a toy for temporary fun. It may look fancy and cool to walk out a beautiful dog and show it to your friends, but it is not an accessory, as some people think, unfortunately.

A dog is a living being, sensitive to its surrounding, including both space around it and the company of other living beings. You should consider it a new family member, because you need to provide it all the love and care, almost the same you would dedicate to your relatives, sibling, children and other dear people around you. Your pup needs to be nurtured well and taken care of, in order to grow healthy and feel good. A dog can be sad, joyful, happy and angry, yes. It can suffer and rejoice the same way you do. So, be a good and responsible owner and you‘ll certainly make a friend for life.

Good nutrition for a dog

In order to have your pup satisfied and feel good, you need to feed it right, of course. Well balanced and carefully planned diet scheme is a half path of a healthy dog’s development and growth. If you are not sure what nutritional needs of your pet are, you should consult an expert to see what are the best solutions to choose for your dog (see if lemons are good for dogs in our article). A dog’s diet varies according to particular breed nutritional needs and other important factors, such as age, gender, size, physical condition and such.

First of all, do not feed your dog everything that comes to your mind and that you think it would like. Yes, dogs could be quite gourmets when it comes to food and they are not particularly picky animals, unlike cats, for example. They would most likely eat anything in front of their noses. Keep in mind it does not mean it is healthy for them. They aren’t actually aware of that. Digesting coffee is toxic for dogs, for example.

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So, what to feed your dog? Most of veterinarians will gladly recommend you some of high quality dog food products you can buy in almost every pet store. That is the best option, because ready made pet food is designed to meet all the essential nutritional needs of each pet. That should be the base of your dog’s diet. On the other side, you can enrich its menu with some well chosen fruits, vegetables and few other healthy viands.

Could some kale be beneficial to my dog?

We know green vegetables are quite good for our health. Those are full of healthy nutrients, including a wide range of vitamins, minerals and other elements. You may wonder could it be beneficial to your pet, the same way it is to you. Broccoli, kale and similar vegetables are often considered super healthy. So, can you give some greeny, healthy kale to your dog?

Kale is ok for dogs. While they would not actually seek for vegetables when they have other food on the menu, all dogs would most likely eat anything they come up to. So, yes, they like vegetables and they eat kale, if you give them. Your dog may like it, as well. Well, there is no actual need to feed it kale, but you can use it as an occasional treat or addition to your pet’s regular food.

Kale is not toxic for dogs, but not especially beneficial, either. However, it is better you feed it some kale once in a while, than to give it some spicy or fatty snacks you can safely eat in moderate amounts. Stick to dog food and serve your furry friend some green veggies, such as kale or broccoli only once in a while. It can help their digestion, for example. Never overdo it, because you can have the opposite effect and get your dear pet serious diarrhea or such.

Kale is also known to cause wind breaking, so keep to small amounts. Small, occasional portions of kale will be completely ok and safe for your dog and could even get it some benefits.

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