Can Dogs Eat Kiwi?

Dogs are our cuddly pets, loyal companions and faithful friends. Many statistics suggest they are one of the most popular animals on the planet and they surely deserve that place. Dogs are not just funny, furry buddies for playing; they are our guardians and assistants. Dogs have been used in many serious professions and jobs, since old ages. They’ve been used as hunting animals, police investigation and rescue team members and assistants in many different medical cases, as helpers to handicapped individuals or in popular animal healing therapies.

Those four-legged fellows are very comfortable around people. First of all, they are sociable animals that enjoy playing and seek for the company of other living beings. They are used to live in a community of other dogs or with humans. Most of dog breeds commonly taken as pets are easily taught to obey the rules and they can get used to other pets, if you have any. Dogs are kind, loving and affectionate pets, in general. If you take a god care of it, you’ll surely make a wonderful friend and pet.

However, dogs are not just a temporary fun. They are gentle and sensitive living beings that need your full attention and love, if you consider taking one of them to be your pet. Dogs require certain necessary conditions you need to provide in order to grow and stay healthy and happy. Make sure you have enough time to dedicate to your new friend, especially if you’ve taken a puppy. It needs to be well nurtured and taken care of. Provide it good living space, walk it out regularly, take it to see a vet on a regular basis and feed it properly. Know which food is good and which isn't, and figure which category tofu for dogs belongs to.

Feeding canines

Feeding dogs seems simple at the first sight. Most of people are wrong thinking dogs could eat just about anything they put in front of their noses. Well, it’s truth they are quite a big gourmets, but that doesn’t mean their organism is able to process all types of food. Dogs would most likely enjoy all of your snacks, spicy meals and treats, but they are not dogs’ food! Get well informed and feed your pup correctly.

First of all, dogs are omnivores, indeed. However, they were carnivores once, just as cats still are. Since they’ve been staying with humans or so long, dogs eventually got used to food other than meat. They can eat some grains in small amounts, some fresh veggies and fruits, but that’s it. They are not used to spices, additives or any processed food at all. Therefore, the best option to feed your dog is to buy high quality ready made dog food from a pet store.

There are various very good products, made for each dog’s individual nutritional needs. You can choose between various healthy and nutritious products of dry, vacuumed and canned dog food. There are all sorts of meals for different dog types and breeds. Consult your veterinarian and chose the best! As we mentioned before, it is recommended to enrich your dog’s menu with some homemade food and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Exotic kiwis as a treat

Fruits are good for dogs, in general. However, they are not to be given in large amounts and too frequently. All fruits contain a lot of sugar and some other compounds that could easily disturb your pet’s belly and get it serious stomach ache or other problems, such as diarrhea and vomiting. Be extra careful with fruits containing seeds. They are generally poisonous to dogs.

Kiwis could be a good dog treat. Generally, your dear canine does not need any nutrients kiwis contain, but some extra vitamins and minerals won’t harm it, on the contrary. Kiwis are rich in fiber, which is good for digestion. They also contain a certain amount of valuable minerals and vitamins and beneficial flavonides. Studies show kiwis are good for boosting immune system, cancer prevention, good vision and other. They are not poisonous to dogs and you can safely give some to your beloved pet.

Kiwis are neither extra beneficial nor bad for dogs. Your four-legged buddy will most likely enjoy its exotic, sour-sweet flavor and juicy flesh. Therefore, kiwis are an excellent choice for a healthy, occasional treat! Giving some fruits as treats is far better than feeding your dog sweets or salty, fatty snacks. If you keep it in moderation, your dog will be happy and healthy, for sure. Always keep in mind dogs are not adapted to digesting too much fruits as we are. Too much fruits of any sort, as well as kiwis, could only lead to diarrhea and other stomach troubles, not to mention diseases connected with high level of sugar.

So, kiwis are dog friendly fruit! Surprise your furry fellow with a small portion of kiwis once in a while. One medium sized kiwi will be sufficient as a healthy, delicious treat for your dog. Interested in letting your pooch enjoy more fruity treats and drinks? Read about giving dogs coconut water here.

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