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Can Dogs Eat Lentils?

Dogs have been our good friends since the very beginning of human history and beyond. Nowadays, they are probably considered the most favorite pets around the world. Many would also say they are the most loyal animals on the globe. There is no other pet that would always welcome you with so much joy, every time you’re back home! Dogs have helped as in many ways all throughout our past. They helped us survive in the wild world, hunt with us and guarded our homes. They are still our faithful friends.

Dogs are sociable animals and they are used to other living beings. They don’t like to be left alone. If you consider getting a dog, you need to be prepared to dedicate it enough of your time and patience. Consider if you are able to offer it all the necessary conditions for healthy, happy and long life. A dog should be treated as a family member. You need to groom it, walk it out, take care of its nutritional needs and provide it regular medical care.

Different people should choose different dogs. Young and active people could find great friend in an energetic, playful dog breed. Families with children should get mild, calm, protective and cuddly dogs. Older people should have older dogs that will make them good company in their long, slow relaxing walks. Dogs are known to be very good for humans’ help. Many studies proved their positive effect on reducing stress and anxiety and making people more open and self-confident.

 Good food for dogs

Dogs got used to various types of food, although they were carnivores once. Their food should consist of proper proportions of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Dogs can eat homemade food, but you need to select all the viands very carefully. Use only high quality meat and always serve it well cooked. You don’t want your pet get poisoned from parasites or bacteria that may be found in raw meat. You can also feed it some fruits and vegetables. They should be considered treats and given occasionally.

Purchased dog food can be a very good option for every dog. It is formulated to meet your pet’s essential needs. Pet store dog food is free of dangerous compounds that may be found in human food, so it is very good for dogs. You can choose between variety of canned, vacuumed and dry ready made products. There is a great selection of food made for different type of dogs. You should choose it depending on your dog’s health condition, age, gender, breed, size and other characteristics.

You should feed your dog according to its individual needs. There are many differences in feeding older dogs and young, energetic ones, puppies or pregnant females. If you are not sure how to organize your pet’s nutrition, you should consult an expert. You can also read our article on beets as part of dog’s diet and similar others. A good diet is a half way to your pet’s happy and long life.

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Are lentils good for dogs?

Plant food should be included in your dog’s diet plan. You should take care of the amounts and frequency of serving. Bean food, such as lentils, could be both beneficial and bad for dogs. There are divided opinions on giving it to pets.

Lentils are full of valuable nutrients, beneficial both to humans and dogs. They contain considerable amount of proteins, they are good source of iron and they are full of good dietary fiber. Your dog may really like their taste! Lentils can be a delicious home cooked meal for your pet, but you need to be cautious. Always make sure they are very well cooked.

Also keep in mind you’re preparing it for your dog, not for yourself, so avoid salt, spices and other ingredients.

On the other hand, lentils can be quite gassy. They can disturb your pet’s sensitive digestion tract and get it serious stomach ache and diarrhea. You can reduce the risk if you prepare it in a good way. Leave them soaked in warm water overnight, before cooking. Use plain lentils and don’t mix it with other beans. Serve it in moderation! Lentils are not necessary to dogs and they should not be considered their regular food. Stick to balanced diet plan for your pet and feed it good, home cooked lentils once in a while.

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