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Can Dogs Eat Mangoes?

Most people on the lane tike dogs and they have them as their pets. They are amazing animals that are smart, friendly and they are good friends.

The most important question is simply what dogs should eat, due to the fact all dogs like to eat, so choosing the best and the healthiest diet is something that every dog owner should take into account. One of the most frequent questions is related to fruit.

In general dogs can eat a lot of fruit, but some fruits should be eliminated from a dog’s diet. In any case, the situation is the same with mangoes.

Should you feed your dog with mangoes?

The answer is very simple, and it is easy to explain. Mangoes are great for human, due to the fact they are rich in vitamins and nutrients, so they are good for dogs as well. Dogs can eat mangoes and they can get some benefits from them, but not all of them as we can.

In any case, mangoes are rich in vitamin B6, A and C and they contain a lot of other nutrients that are more than needed for your dog. As the end result, your dog will get amazing health benefits and it is going to be happy. On the other side, some dogs don’t like fruit, so they will refuse to eat it. This means that you should feed your dog with fruit while he is small. By doing this, you won’t have a problem when your dog is an adult. Keep in mind that some dogs won’t eat mangoes, so there is no point of feeding them with it.

However, due to the fact mangoes are delicious, most dogs will accept them as a part of their diet. As the end result, he will get more than needed vitamins and potassium. You can try feeding your dog occasionally with mangoes, in order to get him used to this addition. You can also read adding pumpkins to your pup’s diet.

The perfect amount of mangoes your dog should get

While mangoes are healthy for dogs, they should be given in smaller amounts. Keep in mind that large amount dog mangoes can cause diarrhea and similar issues, so this must be avoided. It is better to start feeding your dog with smaller amounts, occasionally and then increase it. The main fact you should know is that a dog should get a few mangoes per day, but not a lot of them, due to the fact they may have a negative effect.

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On the other side, if you feed him with a correct amount of mangoes, your dog will get amazing health benefits, which is more than just important. If your dog suffers or suffered from some issue, feeding him with fresh mangoes and fruit is even more important, simply because it can speed up the recovery. The last fact you should know is that dogs should get only fresh mangoes. Those that are few days old are not a great choice.

Mango seeds must be avoided

While mangoes are good and healthy for dogs, their seeds are not. They contain cyanide, so they are toxic to these animals. Keep in mind that even smaller amounts of them can cause certain issue. It is mandatory to eliminate them from a diet of your dog or your pet will develop certain issues. This applies to all seeds, so there are no seeds that are good for dogs.

In addition, all seeds contain the aforementioned poison, so they should be a part of a diet. While humans can eat the seeds, dogs can’t. It is mandatory to clean the seeds from a mango, before giving it to a dog.

Dogs that are allergic to mangoes

Some dogs may be allergic to mangoes, so this factor should be taken into account. The best way is to take him to a veterinarian, before feeding him with mangoes. He can test your dog and you will be sure that he is or isn’t allergic to mangoes. Some dogs are born with this allergy, so they cannot eat mangoes, ever!

On the other side, you can check by yourself. All you need to do is to give him a small amount of mangoes and see how he will react. A good thing is the fact that dogs aren’t usually allergic and a very small number of them cannot eat mangoes. However, it is a wise decision to check him before start adding mangoes to his diet, or he can develop severe health issues.

The bottom line

No matter how much you like mangoes, keep in mind that dogs are different, so they shouldn’t eat a lot of mangoes per day. It is the best choice to give a few of them per day, or even better, occasionally. By doing this, your pet will get all the nutrient he needs, so you will be a proud owner of a healthy dog. You can also read about other fruits, like plantains which are good for dogs.

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