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Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal?

Oatmeal is made from oat groats, that are usually grounded or crushed. This dish is mostly used as breakfast food, and besides being tasty it is also very healthy for us.

We can see oatmeal prepared in different ways, and just like it is healthy for us it is also healthy for your dog as well. There are many healthy recipe options on the internet, which you can also apply to your dog’s meal plan as well.

Beneficial effect of oatmeal

Many natural, ready-made products have oats as their main component. Some of them are shampoos, conditioners, treatments for skin, tinctures and many other products. They are nutritionally very beneficial, and that’s why they are recommended not only for you but for your dogs too. 27-37% of proteins are found in wild oats, and after cultivating that amount decreases to 17% but it still high amount.

They contain soy protein in the same amount as eggs, milk or meat. Besides proteins, they also contain soluble fibers which keep cholesterol levels low, and protect our cardiovasculary system. In some case studies it has been proven that people that suffered from cholesterol, felt better and lowered their cholesterol levels just by eating 3 grams of soluble oat fiber per day.

So, if in danger of a heart attack, oats are a great way to go. If you or your canine friend lack in vitamin B oats are a great source of this very important vitamin. Vitamin B5 especially is known as a pantothenic acid that enables our body to get energy from carbohydrates, proteins and fats. This will give your dog a healthy coat.

Manganese in oats helps produce fatty acids and energy.

Unlike wheat, oats are very low in gluten, so they are great for a low gluten diets. And very important fact is that oats are not made by genetically modifies organisms so you get a natural, safe food to satisfy all your vitamins and nutrients without getting all that bad stuff with it.

Oats are also a great way to fight infections, and boost your immune system. They make our immune system stronger, and this way we can eliminate infections successfully. Since they contain beta-glucan they can prevent diabetes, and help the ones that are already fighting this awful disease. Oats regulate blood sugar and this way keep us healthy.

Giving oatmeal to dogs

Canine digestive systems are not like ours, but certain foods from our diet plans suit dog meal plans also. In those foods we can count in oatmeal. With all the healthy nutrients that I mentioned above, it is easy to know they are extremely healthy for everybody.

They are considered as a nervine, herbal compound that is actually a nerve tonic that calms the nerves, so you can apply this as a medicine if your dog is too undisciplined and you want him to calm down a bit. They are also used to treat skin diseases, stomach issues, spleen injuries and lungs.

When giving oatmeal to your dog, you need to do this part properly. You can’t give him raw oatmeal. It should be an organic oatmeal without any artificial flavors and definitely without sugar or fruits (see our article on dogs and apricots).

Since oatmeal is considered to be a light meal, you can’t replace your dog’s regular meal plan with oatmeal. Use it sometimes, when your dog needs a bit of healthy foods in his diet plan. If your furry friend has stomach issues, you can cook some oatmeal and give it to him to ease his troubles.

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Don’t use sodium as well, when preparing oatmeal for your dog, and add something delicious in, like a piece of meat, sliced sausages just to make it a bit more “attractive” for him. I promise he will adore it! Cool it down to a room temperature so he doesn’t burn himself on hot dish, and the best kind you can use is a slow cooking kind of oatmeal. Instant brands might contain artificial supplements so avoid using these types of oatmeal, and instead prepare it yourself.

Use water instead of milk because milk might not be your dog’s favorite choice. Mix in some oatmeal dog treats, for which you can find a lot of recipes online. They are a great food if your dog needs to lose some weight, or if he lacks in iron that is usual for mediocre dog foods.

Fiber is a big part of oats and it can ease your dog’s stomach ache and help him digest more easily. You can even apply it externally if he has some sort of inflammation on his skin, and other skin issues. There are a lot of shampoos that are based on this nutritional food, and that is obviously for a reason.

Tinctures and capsules can be used if your dog doesn’t like the taste of oats, and this way you can give it to him through his other food. For animals, in this case dogs, that suffer from nervous energies or perhaps exhaustion you can also use oats based holistic medicines.

To be sure about your oats and that they are organic, you can even grow your own crop inside and outside. Plant the seeds in the ground or in your flower pot and enjoy the great health benefits from this grain.

It is also a great alternative if your dog is allergic to wheat, so you can replace it with oats.

Wild oats

People that practice holistic lifestyle, might want their dogs to feed just like them. So, using organic herbs, and grains (in this case oats) is a great way to save the environment and still get the healthy nutrients you need. Natural and organic food is higher in all the components that are nutritive so they should be used by all of us, and not by certain people.

You will be providing yourself and your dog a great and healthy meal.

So, there are really no downsides to giving oats to your dog, and you can use it in his diet plan without being afraid for him. This beneficial grain will make him healthier and protect his digestive and immune system efficiently. Try out different ways of preparing it, so your dog gets the most of his meal. Avoid sugar and sodium not to get your doggy in danger. Maybe even put vegetables as sides for your dog.

It should also be prepared properly and safe for him to eat. You will be amazed by the powerful effect of oats, and the way your dog feel rejuvenated and healthy. Share this healthy meal with your canine friend and enjoy it, while getting super healthy.

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