Can Dogs Eat Papaya?

There are many popular animals taken as pets, all around the globe. Dogs are believed to be amongst the most common human friendly animals and not without the reason, for sure! They are some of the first animals that became friends with us. Dogs have been our faithful companions for centuries. Those unbreakable bounds between man and dog seize far back into past. Dogs have been appreciated by many cultures, respected and loved. They are present in mythologies and religious beliefs around the world and there are many common sayings about them. There are also some very notable dogs in our modern history.

Beside their important achievements in our history and contemporary society, dogs are also lovely, adorable and irresistible playful buddies. They are loyal and devoted to their owners. Many dogs love children, as well.

However, a responsible dog owner is always aware of the commitment he’s taken when he introduced this cute for-legged fellow into his family. A dog should be considered a new family member. It needs care, love and attention, all the tame, the same your other family members and dear people in your life.

So, if you are considering getting yourself this lovely pet, make sure you are able to meet its essential needs and more than that. Every dog needs a proper medical care, good living conditions, well balanced diet, grooming and a lot of activity. Dogs are sensitive creatures and they can be very compassionate. They can feel their owners’ emotions and be very supportive fellows.

On the other hand, they can be happy, sad, joyful and stressed as well. So, treat your pet with all your love and tenderness and provide it a long and healthy life, full of joy and fun by your side.

Tips on feeding dogs

Dogs were originally meat eaters, but they evolved to eat other types of food, as well. Unlike cats, which are still obligate carnivores, dogs’ digestive system is able to process some viands other than food of animal origin. In the wild, they would hunt other animals.

However, having been long time by humans’ side, dogs adapted to eat some plant food as well. They are now considered omnivores, which means they eat different types of food. That doesn’t mean they can eat literally everything, as many uninformed people would think.

Don’t feed your dog leftovers from your table. Well, few occasional bites of some good meat or such won’t actually harm your pet, but it is best to stick to purchased dog food. It is well balanced and created especially to meet your furry fellow’s individual needs. There are plenty of very good products for your pet, you only need to get informed and make the best possible match.

Beside dry, vacuumed and canned dog food, you can give your pet some other food, as well. That means you should prepare it especially fro your pet, not feeding it from your own plate.

If you want to make a healthy meal for your dog, carefully select only high quality viands. That applies to meat, some grains, vegetables and fruits. Snacks, sweets, spiced and preserved food are off the list. Dogs cannot process additives in human food and it can only do them harm.

Some sweet papaya for your four-legged buddy?

Dogs can eat some fruits, although they don’t actually need it. Well, they are not extremely picky when it comes to food and they would most likely eat anything tossed in front of their noses. Fruits are on their menu, as well. They would not naturally seek for them, but will most likely love to try it. Some dogs really enjoy eating fruits.

Sweet fruits can be good for your pet, but only some sorts and only in very small amounts. Fruits are beneficial to their digestive tract and they are generally ok to be given as an occasional treat. So, what about some healthy exotic papaya?

In fact, papaya is keeps a high position on dog friendly fruits list! It is rich in healthy dietary fiber and it is known to reduce stomach problems. Papaya can actually help your pet if suffering from bloating or flatulence. Fresh, raw and ripe papaya can be very good and healthy occasional treat!

In addition, papaya contains some elements, minerals and vitamins that your dog can actually use. It is good for bones and heart health of your pet. Just keep to small amount and delicious papayas could be very good for your furry friend!

When it comes to dehydrated papaya, well, it is not the best choice. Dehydrated fruits are always very high in sugar, which is not good for dogs. Their organisms simply cannot process sugar the way we do, so sweets and too sweet fruit, even if we consider it a healthier snack option for ourselves, could actually cause dogs digestive problems. Too much sugar also leads to obesity and diabetes, which you obviously want to avoid.

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