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Can Dogs Eat Pasta?

Dogs are amazing creatures. They belong to the wide family of canines, tail to tail with their wild relatives, such as wolves, coyotes, jackals, foxes and other related animals.

However, unlike those, dogs have been domesticated a long time ago. They became our protectors, helpers and friends, whom we still very much appreciate. Dogs are much more than just helpful animals, they’ve won our hearts over millenniums ago and became our true and faithful companions. There is no doubt over the fact that dogs are the most popular pets all around the globe.

Having a dog changes every person’s life. Every experienced dog owner would probably tell you his pet is almost like a family member to him and his loved ones. It true dogs are quite delicate and emotional creatures and they need the same care and love just as your human family members. It needs to be nurture and taken care off the best possible way, in order to feel safe and secure and be healthy. A dog cannot speak, but his expressive eyes would tell you all that you need to know. All dogs are sensitive to their surroundings and their humans’ emotions.

Before you get yourself one of those amazing pets, you should learn some basics about dogs’ nurture. You should know every dog needs different type of care, depending on its breed, size, gender, health condition and such.

However, all dogs needs a good and big living space, a lot of activity, regular medical care and well balanced nutritional plan. Be sure you’ll have enough time and patience to provide your new friend a long, fulfilled and happy life in your home. If you are able to meet those basic requirements, you’re on a good path to make one more dog truly happy.

What about food?

So, you’ve got yourself a new pet and you completely understand it needs a lot of your time, patience and devotion, in order to develop healthy and grow strong. Proper nutrition is one of the very essentials in every healthy pet’s life, dog in particular.

You should get informed on what canines are able to eat and what the individual nutritional needs of your pet are. Its diet would vary depending on your dog’s breed, size, age and many other characteristics. You’ve probably done some research r talked to other dog owners, but we suggest you take your pet to the vet and hear what he’s about to say. An expert would help you make the best possible diet plan for your dog.

Generally speaking, canines really love to eat and they would most probably have just about anything you serve them. However, that is not an option, if you want your pet to be healthy and prevent it from gaining weight and such.

First of all, dogs are not able to utilize material from our food, meaning meals we prepare for ourselves and our family. Their sensitive organisms could hardly tolerate spices, various preserving chemicals, sugars, added flavors and other additives. There are exceptions, like coconut oil which is good for dogs. There is a reason why you can find so many different dog food commercial products in pet stores. They re made to suit your pet the best way imaginable.

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Ready made dog food products contain all the necessary ingredients a canine needs to fulfill its daily nutritional requirements. Therefore most of experts would warmly recommend you use those products as the base of your four-legged friend’s diet. Those should be given on daily basis and all other types of food are to be considered additions or treats. You can make some food at home, as well, but be very careful. Select only high quality viands, free of additions of any sort.

Beside dog food, dogs are able to digest small amounts of fresh vegetables (see our article on basil and dogs), fruits, some grains and few other viands, made especially for them.

More pasta for you!

A lot of people think what is tasteful and good for them could be also delicious and useful for their pets. Let’s say they’re half right. It is true a dog would probably love the taste of our food, our meals, snacks and sweets. Dogs are not particularly picky, when it comes to eating and they would usually like to taste just about anything.

In fact, they will most certainly eat it whole. It may seem good, but the facts speak differently. It is proved that human food is not good for our pets. Their organisms function in a different way than ours and they would have great difficulties digesting our food. In fact, it could just do them harm.

Pasta is not animal food. Have you ever seen an animal eating some macaroni or spaghetti in wild? We suppose you didn’t! We’ll, dogs organisms adapted to process some food other than meat, during the time spent with humans.

However, that doesn’t mean they can eat all the same meals we do. So, giving your dog some pasta, especially meals with spicy and fatty sauces, is not a good idea. A few bites of plain pasta won’t kill it, but it won’t get it any good, either.

Too much carbs hiding in pasta and pasta dishes are bad for dogs. They don’t originally crave for them. If you want to make some homemade meal for your pet, it is better you choose some plain cooked rice over pasta. There is hardly a good reason to feed your dog some macaroni or such!

In fact too much of it would most likely make your dear pet gain weight, become obese and develop serious health problems that come along. So, stick to your dog’s regular diet plan and surprise it with some healthy veggies or fruits once in a while. You’ll have a healthy and happy pet and more pasta for you!

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