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Can Dogs Eat Pickles?

All dog owners would say getting a dog is a life changing experience. Those amazing, loving and dear animals can truly become our best friends. They are more than just pets. Dogs are very loyal, reliable and protective creatures that care about other living beings. They can be quite dangerous, yes, but only if mistreated or feeling threatened. Dogs are very sociable animals and they generally enjoy other living beings company. They originate from ancient wild species that lived in packs, just as wolves still do. That is the reason why they are affectionate to their humans as well. They see us their relatives or pack buddies.

Dogs are some the first domesticated animals by humans. They’ve been loyal to us since wild and ancient times and appreciated all throughout human history. Many great civilizations adored them and respected dogs. Nowadays, dogs are commonly taken as our dear and cuddly pets, but also protectors and guardians of our homes.

Besides that, those intelligent and helpful animals are often used in some serious and very important professions, such as rescue, military and police services. They are also our buddies to play with and walk around and friends who offer us their unconditional love and supports.

A dog is like a best friend to many individuals. The bound once created between humans and dogs is still strong. Relationship between a human and its pet grows literally unbreakable. There are numerous both sad and inspirational cases dogs got sick and died short after its owners. Those sensitive animals can feel our emotions and they can also be happy and sad. Dogs are not toys for fun, they are sensing, emotional creatures that can suffer, rejoice and experience all the things life has designed for them. You should always treat your dog as your companion and faithful friend. It will be grateful and satisfied and live a long and fulfilled life in your home.

How to feed your pet?

Dogs need our love and patience. They are quite demanding pets, in terms of the living space, activity, medical care and other. A good, well balanced diet plan is also an essential. If you want your dog to develop healthy and grow strong, you should provide it nutritional plan that meets its individual needs. A dog’s diet varies depending on particular dogs breed and other characteristics. A dog’s size, age, gender, health condition and other individual features all affects its nutritional needs. So, do some research and choose the best food for your beloved pet.

Commercial dog food is the best and the simplest choice to feed your pet. It is good and very practical, because pet food products are made to meet each pet’s nutritional needs, according to its individual characteristics. Dry, canned and vacuumed dog food contains appropriate proportions of proteins, vitamins, minerals and other ingredients necessary to your pet on a daily basis. Granulated food is usually recommended to be used as a base of a dog’s menu. You can also prepare some food in home edition, but get well informed on viands dogs are able to eat and make a meal especially for your dog.

Feeding a dog homemade food requires certain precautions. The best advice is to choose only high quality food, meaning neat, fresh vegetables, fruits and few other viands. Never use spices, sugars, salt or any other additions when preparing a meal for a dog. Its sensitive digestive tract cannot process the same ingredients humans can safely eat. The best option is to stick to commercial dog food as a basic viand and use other viands to treat your dog occasionally.

Can I give my dog some pickles?

Dogs are able to eat some vegetables we do. Basil can be beneficial to you as it is to your dog. They don’t naturally crave for lots of veggies, but it could be good, if given in moderation. Generally speaking, vegetables are full of minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber, so they are considered safe for pets.

However, there are still some veggies that are not so good choice, so you need to get well informed before you serve any to your pet.

There are many people who would rather choose pickled vegetables over raw, fresh ones. Those who do that also wonder if their pets would like it, as well. Beside that, you might also wonder if some pickled vegetables could be harmful to your pet. Pickles are, to say, some of the most favorite veggies prepared that way in many cuisines. Are they ok for dogs?

Dogs love to eat all kinds of vegetables. They were originally carnivores, but their organisms adapted to some plant origin food, as well. That means some vegetables; fruits and such could be ok and even beneficial for them to eat. Well, pickles are cucumbers, in fact.

However, they contain a lot of sodium, vinegar and assorted spices. They are not toxic or dangerous to dogs, but they aren’t beneficial, either. You should not worry if your pet snatches a few small pickles, but there is no need for you to offer it to it at all. Too much sodium, acids and spices will most certainly upset its sensitive belly and get your dog stomach problems.

So, pickles are not dangerous, but they are not useful, either. If you want to treat your dog with some healthy vegetables, raw cucumbers are way better option than pickles. Your pet would most probably like it.

As long as you keep to a regular diet plan, raw and fresh cucumbers would only promote your pet’s digestion and even provide it some extra nutrients. So, avoid pickles and use healthy plain cucumbers.

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