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Can Dogs Eat Pineapple?

Whether you are having relaxation on some far-off island or calming down your mind in your garden, a glass of pineapple juice perhaps gives a wonderful charm. Pineapple is the only fruit, where we may find an ideal blend of tart and sweet. Although it is quite difficult to cut pineapple into pieces, we love to enjoy it as our desserts. The most interesting fact is that we often like to offer the same treat to our pet dogs.

Pineapple is definitely suitable for our body and also suits our taste. But, there are some doubts on whether pineapple can be considered to be recommendable fruit for our canine friend. Thus, if you are thinking of offering this golden fruit to your doggie, you have to consult your vet. However, the detailed information given below may also help you to some extent.

According to experts, protein should be a major part in your dog’s diet. Feeding your puppy pieces of pineapple is valuable as it has an enzyme, named as bromelain. This enzyme allows the protein decomposition as well as absorption. As pineapple has the property to improve the general capability of absorption, it helps your dogs to easily take up other significant nutrients, present in the food. Pineapples may be included in dogs’ diet because it develops their health.

Nutrients available in pineapple

As pineapples have lots of vitamins, minerals, fiber and fructose, these fruits assist in digestion and boost the immunity system of the body.

Moreover, such fruits also have thiamin that generates energy and vitamin C. Though doggies may produce this vitamin in their own body, often it does not seem to be enough for them. The minerals, like manganese and magnesium, may also be found in pineapples in huge amounts. Manganese aids in toughening the bones of dogs. Even if you feed your puppy only small slice of pineapple, it may accomplish most of the essential nutritional needs.

Healing several types of diseases

Consumption of pineapple by your dog may also help in the treatment of various diseases, and one of these disorders is Coprophagia. Coprophagia is such a disorder, when dogs gobble the excrements of their own body. One of the possible reasons for which such disease is caused, is the weak digestive organ. Nutrients, present in the food, aren’t absorbed completely and are expelled. The doggies munch them in order to meet the nutritional needs of their bodies.

There is another concept in this context. The pineapple, which has been digested once, impacts the taste of excrement; as a result, the dog becomes hesitant to consume it. That is why veterinarians recommend pineapple juice or raw pineapple as the appropriate option to heal the ailment.

Cancer prevention with pineapple

It is already mentioned that bromelain, present in pineapple simplifies the digestion process.

However, it has also the ability to cure cancer. In accordance with a study, the enzyme also effectively reduces bulges in joints and also lessens the risk of tumor. Moreover, the scientists also proved that the fruit helps in easing pain, which is caused due to chemotherapy.

Kidney stones and pancreatis

You may give pineapple to your dog to cure another disease- kidney stone. It is one of the distressing situations, when your dog may suffer due to calcium oxide or calcium phosphate stones. At this time, mainly low oxalate foodstuffs should be given to your dogs, and pineapples are obviously included in your doggie’s diet.

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Pineapple has also the potentials to cure pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is such a serious inflammatory disorder, which may occur, if your dog has consumed the foods that contain excessive amount of fat. Liver of the dog generally gets affected in this disease because the bile enters the pancreas. You may try to lessen the fat content in your dog’s diet; however, pineapple consumption may also enhance the result and recover the pet’s health.

Reduction of irritation – Another benefit

When your puppy gets injured, the affected portion of your pet’s body starts to bloat. Usually, the inflammation is not much risky, but, in some instances, it can turn out to be quite harmful, leading to a disorder, such as arthritis. Obviously, there are several foods that offer anti-inflammatory result, and pineapple is the most common one. To heal chronic inflammation, your dog may require medicine, exercise, weight control and nutritional control.

Thus, as pineapple offers several health benefits and cures many diseases, you may include this fruit in dog’s diet in summer. Or, you may also buy any food supplement, which contains pineapple.

Some disadvantages of adding pineapple to pup’s diet

Though pineapple is quite good for your canine pet’s health, you must restrict the amount, while giving this fruit because it has a huge amount of sugar, like many other fruits (see our article on plums and dogs). A small amount (one cup) of pineapple holds about 16 grams sugar. Thus, too much consumption of pineapple will cause diarrhea.

Preparing the fruit before serving

While feeding the fruit to your doggie, it is significant to take out its external skin that is very hard and cannot be used in any way. The helpful enzyme that is mentioned earlier may be available in high amount in the middle portion of a fruit.

Besides, you have to ensure that you are giving just fresh pineapple because the canned pineapple undergoes a process, in which bromelain may be destroyed. When you want your canine pal to get all the benefits from pineapple with no of extreme sugar contents, you may look for Bromelain supplements.

There are some precautions, you need to consider while providing pineapple to your dog. Dogs may have diverse responses to the same foodstuff; for this reason, it is better to go ahead only with caution. Of course, you have to take away the pineapple skin and slice the fruit into smaller parts. One or two bits of the fruit may be given to your dog in a single meal. For curing coprophagia also, the same amount is recommendable.

Thus, we may conclude that many dogs are able to tolerate the consumption of pineapple. However, you have to see whether your dog is also giving the positive reaction. If the dog does not feel well after consuming pineapple, you must not continue it because your dog may have stomach upsets, while the fruit doesn’t suit his body.

Again, while you offer pineapple to the pet, you need to be much careful about the amount to be helpful for your dog. However, you may also plan to talk to a vet, who will be able to give the right instruction for your dog, by checking its body. You can also read more of our articles on canine diet, such as whether it is okay to feed dogs with capsicum.

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