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Can Dogs Eat Pizza?

There are numerous sayings about dogs. They are considered the most loyal animals in the world, they have been helping us and supporting for millenniums. Back into the past, dogs helped us hunting and surviving in the wild.

Nowadays, they are members of rescue and police investigation teams. Dogs are also the most favorite pets all around the globe. Some would say dogs are their best friends.

Dog is truly a man’s best friend. There is no other animal that would greet you with so much joy every time you return home! Dogs are sociable, friendly and faithful pets, but they are not just for fun. If you consider getting a dog, you need to be aware of the responsibility you’re about to take. A dog needs to be nurtured as a family member. It needs a lot of attention, dedication, patience and love.

You need to provide your dog all the essential conditions for its healthy and normal growth and development. Dogs are demanding pets, so don’t get it if you think you don’t have time for it. The worst thing you can do is to spoil it and abandon it on the street. It would have really hard time adjusting to outer world, not to mention all other complications connected with such a move. You need to treat your dog with respect, love and tenderness. It deserves to have a long, healthy and happy life. If you provide it necessities it needs, you’ll make a wonderful four-legged friend.

How to feed a dog?

Every dog needs a well balanced diet plan that meets its nutritional needs. Not all dogs need the same proportions of nutrients. It depends on your dog’s breed, size, gender, age, health condition and so on.

However, it should be based on a good proportion of essential compounds. A well balanced meal for a dog should contain proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Although they are originally carnivores, living with humans made them used to different types of food. They can eat meat, some grains, fresh fruit and vegetable as well. For example, Brussel sprouts are good for dogs.

You can prepare food for your dog by yourself. If you do so, always select high quality viands. You don’t want your pet get food poisoning or such. So, be prepared to spend a good deal of money and time, in order to provide your dog a proper meal.

On the other hand, you can purchase canned, vacuumed and granulated dog food. It is very good option, because those products are designed to meet your pet’s essential needs. You can find various products made for different dog breeds, size, and age and so on. You can also mix ready made and homemade food on your dog’s menu.

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Is human food good for dogs?

Even though dogs had become omnivores, that does not mean they can eat literally everything. They simply cannot eat everything we eat. However, many owners regularly feed their dogs food from their own table. Yes, it’s cheap, but it is completely wrong and irresponsible. Some people fall for their pet’s puppy look and treat it their own snack and such. That is also bad for your pet, so try not to do that.

The thing is our food is usually too salty, spicy, greasy or sweet for our pets. It contains a lot of different preservers and so on. All these compounds are harmful to dogs. Their organisms are not designed for digesting it. Those compounds could make them sick and obese, if taken in large amounts. Some of it will most certainly get them stomach problems and it could seriously affect their blood test results.

Pizza is not dog food!

No. The answer is clear. As we mentioned before, human food is not good for dogs for many reasons. Pizza is good example of food that should be strictly avoided. You might find it a delicious treat for your four-legged buddy, especially when it licks its lips seeing you eat it, but that would be a disaster. All pizza ingredients are actually bad for dogs. Some of it can be really dangerous.

Dough is just fattening for dogs. Dairy products are not on their menu, because most of dogs are lactose intolerant. So, that gets cheese off the list as well. Tomato sauce is full of sugar, salt and other compounds already discussed. Mushrooms are very good for us, but they contain proteins difficult for dogs to digest and use. They would get your pet digesting problems.

Well, eating a couple of bites of pizza once in a while won’t actually do harm to your pet. However, it won’t do it any good, either.

However, there are plenty other options to treat your dog. Don’t feed it humans’ food. For instance, jalapenos can upset your dog’s tummy. A dog is not a recycle bin for your leftovers. Every good dog owner knows how to nurture its’ pet in a good way. Provide it well balanced diet with all the necessary ingredients it needs for normal growth and development and try not to make mistakes. You’ll have a satisfied, happy and healthy pet.

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