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Can Dogs Eat Plums?

Those adorable four-legged fellows have always been our best friends and companions from animal world. There are many reasons we love dogs. They are extremely loyal pets, in the first place. A bound once created between a dog and its owner is unbreakable and it stands for a lifetime. This connection seizes far back into the past, when we hunt together and shared the same food and shelter. Dogs are quite protective animals, grateful and careful of those who nurture them and make them a good company. They are sociable and love to spend time around other living beings. That is why dogs are amongst the most popular pets all around the world.

Dogs love to play and could probably spend hours and hours enjoying games, exercise and walkout with their owners. They are dear and sensitive beings, who could feel both happy and sad. Dogs can feel their loving humans’ emotions and would most likely come to offer support to them or jus share the same joy we feel. There are many different dog breeds and not all of them are appropriate for all people. You should do some research to find out what dog would be the best choice for your family or just for yourself.

However, every pet demands certain conditions in order to grow and develop healthy. The same applies to dogs. Well, they are some of the most demanding pets, in terms of living space, your time, money and dedication. Having a dog means to be aware of the commitment you’re about to take. A dog should never be neglected or abandoned, as it, unfortunately happens a lot.

So, if you are sure you are able to give your new friend all the necessary love and care it needs, you are ready to get yourself a wonderful new four-legged buddy.

A dog’s nutrition

Nowadays, dogs are considered omnivores. Once upon a time, when their nutrition was based on hunting other animals, they were carnivores, just as cats, for example. However, since they’ve got so bound to humans, dogs eating habits had slightly changed. Their organisms adapted to process food other than just meat. Their menu is open for some plant food as well, meaning some fruits, vegetables (see if dogs can eat parsley), grains and such.

When people think of dogs as omnivores, many of them make really bad decisions when it comes to feeding their pets. So, being omnivores means dogs can eat some viands that don’t originate from other animals, but that doesn’t mean they can eat anything. The most important thing you should know is that they are not able to process a great deal of human food. Spices, salt, sugar, various preservatives and other chemicals are simply bad for their sensitive bodies, which are not designed, nor to digest them or to use them, either.

On the other hand, some fresh fruits and vegetables and several other types of food could be even beneficial to dogs. Many dogs really enjoy eating some healthy, ripe and raw veggies, fruits and such. In the most cases, those are not necessary at all, but some of them could get your pet a little, but not inconsiderable health benefits. You can read our article on feeding dogs with ginger for more information.

Delicious plums for healthy canines

As you can see above, plums have green light to be introduced to your pet’s nutritional plan. If you’ve consulted a vet and made a good, well balanced diet plan that meets your dear furry friend nutritional needs, according to its individual characteristics, some additional occasional fruit treats won’t be a problem. If you ask your vet about some plums, we’re sure he would be of the same opinion.

Plums are nutritional bombs. They are full of valuable elements, including vitamins and mineral, dietary fiber and other. They are known for anti oxidant properties and very popular as a natural remedy for constipation problems. Be cautious with them, because too many plums could cause diarrhea both to you and your pet. Nutritional value of plums is good for dogs. It could protect your canine from serious diseases, such as cancer. It promotes its digestion and makes their bowels movement proper.

However, plums should be only be served as an occasional treat and always thoroughly rinsed and pitted.

There is an important notion about feeding your dog plums. The juicy part of the fruit is what is good for canines. It contains all the valuable material and tastes delicious! We’re sure your pet will like it.

On the other hand, pits should be strictly avoided. Make sure you removed them all before you offered your dog some plums. Pits of fruits such as plums, peaches, cherries and such are toxic to dogs. They contain dangerous cyanide and dogs are not aware of that. If your pet comes up to some raw, fresh plums and it loves their taste, it will most certainly eat it along with their toxic pits!

So, pay extra attention on the way of serving plums and you can safely use them as a healthy treat for your dog.