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Can Dogs Eat Pomegranate?

Dogs are very popular animals, all around the world. We see them in movies, cartoons, illustrations and hear tales and myths about their adventures. Dogs have always had an important role in human history. You’ve surely heard about some quite notable dogs and their achievements. Well, dogs in general are considered to be humans’ best friends. They are surely some of the most loving, loyal and adorable beings in animal world. Dogs are sociable and kind furry fellows.

Once upon a time they lived in packs, like wolves, so they’ve kept this sense of community to modern times. That is why dogs are so affectionate and bound to their human friends, as well.

Having a dog is a serious commitment. A dog or any other pet should not be just a buddy to play with, when you are in mood for fun. It needs the same care and love you would provide to your family members. So, introducing a dog to your home means your family would grow for one member more. You should get well informed on dogs’ breeds and characteristics first, in order to choose pet that fits your household.

On the other hand, if it fits to your home, it means your living conditions are also good for your pet and it will have a long and happy life by your side.

Depending on a dog’s individual characteristics, such as breed, size, age, gender, health condition and other factors, your pet requires certain conditions and care, in order to grow and stay healthy and strong. You should provide it a living space big enough for its individual needs, a proper and regular vet checks, a lot of walkouts and playtime and a good nutrition, of course. If you meet all of those requirements, you’ll make yourself a truly wonderful new friend.

What’s on the menu?

All dogs need to have a well balanced diet plan that meets their individual nutritional needs. A good nutritional plan for a dog should provide your pet all the necessary ingredients it needs on a daily basis, in order to develop and grow healthy. Dogs’ meals should contain appropriate proportions of proteins, mineral, vitamins and few other nutrients essential to their organism functions. The truth is, dogs were once carnivores, but now they can eat some food other than meat, as well.

Many people are wrong to think dogs can eat literally anything. Well, those cute buddies aren’t particularly picky or clever when it comes to eating. They just love to eat and would most likely have anything they come up to. Dogs can enjoy pancakes even when too much isn’t good for them. There are lot of very irresponsible owners who feed dogs leftovers from their own table, jus because it seems their pets enjoy them. Well, they might love the taste of human food, but it is generally not good for them at all.

You should choose some good quality commercial dog food to use as a base of your canine’s daily nutritional plan. Dry, vacuumed and canned dog food is designed to meet canines’ essential needs and it is hardly you can do the same feeding your pet only homemade food.

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Yes, you can add some, if you proper it in a proper manner and make a meal especially for your pet. You can also enrich your pet’s diet with some fruits, vegetables and few other viands, once in a while.

Stay away from flavorful pomegranates

Dogs don’t generally seek for fruits, but many enjoy eating them, if they come up to it. There are some fruits that can be beneficial to your pet and others not so recommendable. Get informed on dog friendly fruits and use them as occasional treats in small amounts. Feeding your dog some fresh fruits once in awhile could benefit their digestion and keep it healthy, just don’t go overboard and keep to its regular diet plan.

Pomegranate is considered super healthy fruit for humans. The fact it contains so much valuable elements makes many dog owners to wonder could be also beneficial to their pets?

Unfortunately, pomegranates are not on the list of dog friendly fruits. While their considerable levels of vitamins, minerals and very important antioxidants, such as tannins and other, are extremely good for people, they can be harmful to dogs. There are still studies about pomegranate seeds effects to dogs, but many of experiments showed they are not beneficial to dogs.

The thing is that plant based antioxidants we can safely process and experience its amazing properties are simply not it for dogs’ digestive system. Remember dogs were once carnivores. They don’t naturally need a bunch of vitamins and other stuff we do. That is why their digestive tract is unable to deal with those valuable elements. Their bodies cannot process them or use tem, either.

So, pomegranates are not good for dogs. Don’t fall into a trap of this amazing super fruit health benefits. You can have how as much of it as you like, but keep in mind it is bad for your pet. You might want to look at ginger for dogs instead.

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