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Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?

Popcorn is one of the wonderful items for crunching, while we are watching movies. However, there may be one issue, when you own a canine friend. The popcorn may be the target of your furry pal’s eyes because this is a yummy snack.

When your pup turns its eyes towards the popcorn, you perhaps wonder whether it is right to offer popcorn to your canine pet. It may be quite a challenge to make the decision.

Popcorns are extracted from the corn that does not seem to be the most excellent type of treat for dogs. Dogs, at times, want to get pleasure from eating popcorn just like us. Many dog owners wish for sharing the human foods with the furry canine pals. However, as the responsible parents of the pets, they should know about the foods that can be eaten safely by the dogs. Although some debate is still present, many animal specialists say that dogs may consume popcorn safely.

The nutrients present in popcorn

Popcorn includes natural nutritional fiber that helps in the digestion process, by relieving the transfer of all the waste materials through the dog’s intestines. Besides, popcorn has also extremely small quantity of the vitamins like thiamin and riboflavin, and both of them are helpful to allow the digestion, and preserve the level of the energy. There is truly not sufficient nutrient to bring about a vast difference to the overall fitness of the dogs. But, it does not denote that popcorn is harmful. The unseasoned and fresh popcorn may also be another source to give you protein and iron.

Obviously, dogs get more positive effect from the proteins, accessible from the meats. However, in little quantities, the proteins of the popcorn cannot be harmful to their wellbeing. Other ingredients of cornmeal and corn are usual elements in any commercial-level canine’s food. These diverse types of corn, cooked and separated from cob, may also be safe option to the dogs, while eaten in moderation.

Popcorns treated in different ways

Simple popcorns that are air-popped have little dietary importance to the doggies. These are whole grain foodstuffs that have twenty two grams carbohydrates and four calories on every ounce.

However, these air-popped items can be a very light treat that can be enjoyed by the dogs. The other variations of the popcorn are quite less beneficial to the digestion system of pups. You perhaps have seen that popcorns are mostly sold at the venues, like move theatres, local park or street festival. But, most of these popcorns may cause high health hazard to the dogs.

The popcorns that have been popped in the commercial devices have very high salt, oils and butter-like flavors. In addition to it, they have also full of chemicals and additives, and thus, the nutritional value of these items are very low. Salt and butter are present in such a level that it can cause the diarrhea, dehydration, extreme thirst or damage to kidney.

Microwave popcorn may also be unfavorable bad. A standard healthy grown-up dog can take not more than ten more than sodium for every pound. In most of the cases, these popcorns have one hundred fifty to three hundred milligram of this element for every serving.

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Training value of the popcorns

Many pet owners think that popcorn can be the most helpful tool of training as some pups may resist the crunch and the taste of the food. This is more cost-effective than the conventional dog foods. Moreover, as this contains very low calories, they can be the better option to the obese dogs. Besides, popcorn can be the right alternatives for satisfying positive dogs’ behaviors.

Choking risk

Tough kernals may injure the dog’s teeth, and it can also cause the risk of choking. This case may occur particularly when your dog does not chew the popcorns and has the tendency to only gulp it. Dog lovers may lessen the possibility of choking with the observation that every seed is popped completely.

You really do not like your pet to be eating those corns’ kernels as these are not, in fact, digestible easily and may activate the stomach upset. There is hardly any case of clogging the unpopped popcorn seeds. However this seldom takes place, it may lead to a fast death because the air channel to lungs may turn out to be obstructed. Besides, the little snack pieces may also be stuck between dog’s teeth. Eventually, it leads to tooth damage or gum disorder.

While it is the matter of popcorn and dog, the main fact that you have to ensure is that your dog is not facing any concern at the time of biting the kernels. But, you must attempt to keep those popcorns away from the dog. Make certain that the dog has taken the healthy diet that has high nutritional value.

Considerations for popcorns preparations

Popcorns that have extra amount of butter, salt, and some other tangs can potentially lead to the digestive issues in the canines. Anything that becomes excessive is not the good thing. You, as the parent of your dog, must always follow moderate amount and keep away from overfeeding the popcorns.

Recipe related to popcorns

You may one recipe, which comprise the popped popcorn, bacon bits and cheddar cheese. Firstly, preheat your oven. Put the popcorns on the arranged baking piece and then cover this with the bacon bits and cheese. Then, bake it for eight to ten minutes to melt the cheese (read our article on dogs and cheese).

Better alternatives to replace popcorns

There are several outstanding snacks and treats for doggies, and these are available in market. These vitamin enriched foods can also be better than the simple popcorn, served to the dogs. Some also have some extra advantage of enabling the dogs to clean the teeth. Thus, the healthy foods for dog from decent manufacturers can be safer or more nourishing than popcorn. Yet, if you still like your dog to consume, then you have to remember all the considerations that are mentioned above. You can also check our article on giving clementines as food for your dog next.

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