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Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin?

Dogs are really great pets. They are cuddly and loving, usually mild and easy to train. They can also be very loyal and protective, so we keep them as our bodyguards and guardians of our homes, to say so.

On the other hand, they are playful and joyful animals that love to spend time having fun with their human families. Dogs are sociable and affectionate animals, since they originate from wild species that used to live in packs, dogs have kept their natural sense of community, so they are great four-legged friends and pets.

Those amazing animals have been protecting us and helped us for over centuries and millenniums. In ancient times, when the world was still quite wild, they’ve been helping us hunt, herd flocks and kept us safe from other creatures of the wilderness. They are still doing the very same thing!

Our beloved furry fellows are almost like our family members. They certainly deserve to be treated that way. Every dog owner would tell you he finds the best friend in his dear pet. Treated and nurtured properly, dogs would grow and stay healthy, happy and satisfied and your family will grow for a one beloved member more.

Nurturing a dog is not an easy thing to do. You must be aware it is a serious commitment, not just a temporary fun for you, your relatives, children, friends and more. Dogs need our unconditional love and a proper treatment. That means you need to dedicate a lot of your time, patience, care and money, in order to have a healthy and happy pet. We suppose you want your pet to get the best possible conditions for a long and joyful life by your side. Depending on a dog’s breed and individual characteristics, it requires proper and regular veterinarian care, well balanced diet plan, good and big enough living space, a lot of physical activity, play and walkouts.

Nutrition plan for a dog

All dogs need to have a well balanced nutrition plan. This is extremely important, if you want your four-legged friend to grow and develop healthy. Good nutrition is essential to your dog’s physical and mental development, both. It needs to receive all the important nutrients it requires on a daily basis. Diet plan of a dog varies depending on its individual needs. A dog’s breed, size, gender, health condition and other factors all affect its nutritional needs. So, do a thorough research on what your dog should eat and provide it nutritional and beneficial menu.

Dry commercial dog food is often recommended to be used as a basic food for all dogs. There are really various good quality products to choose fro. Beside granulated food, there are also canned and vacuumed products, good to combine. All these products are especially designed for dogs. They meet daily nutritional needs of each dog, so they are intended to be used on a daily basis. You could also make some food at home, of course, but be very careful.

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Dogs’ organisms are adapted to some forms of types of food other than animal origin, plain food. They can eat some vegetables, fruits and few other ingredients. You could prepare some meat for your pet, as well. If you do so, choose only high quality meat; serve it well cooked, plain, without sauces, spices, salt and other additional ingredients you would normally use. As for fruits and vegetables, some of them are to be served raw, some cooked or steamed. The periodic peanut butter for your dog is also fine. Get well informed, stick to a regular dog menu and use these viands as treats and occasional snacks.

Benefits from tasteful pumpkins

Dogs are able to digest and utilize some of the material from plant food. There are vegetables and fruits that could benefit your pet and make a great and healthy treat. You should always choose some juicy fruits or flavorful vegetables over your human sweets, snacks and such, if you want to surprise your pet with some tasteful, occasional bites. Do a research and get informed on dog friendly viands and there should be no problem at all.

What about pumpkins? Are they on dog friendly snacks list? Pumpkins are considered very healthy and nutritional both for us and our pets. In facts, they could benefit your pet in several ways. They are good for their digestion, they are nutritional and they are excellent for weight managements. Pumpkin flesh is not toxic to dogs and it could be great, delicious treat, as long as you keep to its regular dog food menu as a base of its diet.

Canned pumpkin is completely safe for your pet. Read the label carefully and use only products without artificial additions and such. Cooked pumpkin is also ok. It is packed with nutrients and it promotes dogs’ digestion, which is great if your pet suffers from constipation. If your pet is obese, use some cooked pumpkin to mix into its meal. It will keep your dog satisfied with fewer calories. Digestion effect is also good for natural and healthy weight and fat loss.

On the other hand, raw pumpkin should be avoided especially their innards and raw pumpkin seeds. Seeds can be ok, but only if you roast them and grind them first. Do not use any additional fat or salt, if you consider offering them to your dog. The salt content is also reason to keep dogs away from ketchup. Keep to very small portions of roasted seeds, because they are quite fatty for your pet.

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